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Let's Talk Batteries, Part 2

Since the last time we discussed the subject of rechargeable batteries, I've been running every rechargeable in the house (outside of UPS batteries) through the Zanflare charger. Let's note that the charger has performed well. It's only problem is getting AAA batteries in it so that they make good connections. That's been solved by adding some plastic shim stock into each slot so that the AAAs are, in essence, elevated a bit. The stock is simply laid in so it can be removed when needed.

Each battery was been ran through the charger's "fast test" mode, which allow you to set a charge rate (I took the default 500 mw) and then charges, discharges and recharges the battery, recording data on performance.

After finishing off the old NiMh rechargeables (total loss, all useless) I started on the NiCads. There were 14-2 packs of 4 Radio Shack branded batteries and a number of cells salvaged from various places.

All the salvaged cells were toast. OK, that shouldn…

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