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Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 24: A gunshow miraculously appears

The Notorious RBG kicks off and there is finally a gun show-how much better can my weekend get during a pandemic, I ask you.This weekend was the Salisbury Gun and Knife Show, held at the old Salisbury Mall. It was held in one of the old department stores, and was honestly the best digs for a gun show I've ever seen. The mall is owned by Rowan County now, and while their genius plans have mostly failed to materialize (Seriously, county offices? WTF?), bits and pieces of it are rented out for various sorts of private enterprises. Like gun shows.I was there on Sunday. What did I note? A lot of things.Masks were required. Not that most people, including the sheriff's deputies and the local cops, wore them, either properly or improperly. A superspreader event for sure. Yawn. I did see people who probably should be wearing a mask with them on. Maybe, being 60 and overweight, I should have been one of those folks, but I have this thing about not getting lung infections. Yes, that art…

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