Cool story, bro

Yes, it's a CJ-5. Sue me.
For some reason, I've got this stupid yen to have a Jeep CJ-7. I couldn't afford one when I was a teenager, so on and so forth. I know that they're junk, they rust constantly and stuff breaks incessantly.


Today was a migraine day (again) and I'm trying really hard not to be Wuflu News Central (Aesop is doing a far better job than I could anyway). This means that today is more of a "...and sometimes I just sits" sort of day, so I'm reading mindless stuff on the computer. The CJ thing popped into my head, and I Googled up "jeep cj restoration pitfalls". This is one of the links that I've stumbled upon. Long, but a fun-ish read.


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