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Living well off the grid

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Playing with the blog theme

Sorry, more on the California blackouts

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Shooting fish in a barrel

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That didn't take long

Where was California when the lights went out?


This makes me smile

Win some, lose some

This cheeses me off

>kenau> Woah >/kenau>

'merica indeed

It's an amazing world we live in

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Why the Left can't win

Will there be blood in 2020?

Apocalypse Delayed

Comments-a solution, but I'm not sure what it was

A new holiday

Comments, redux

OW! My feet!

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Paying attention out there?

Sthil 2-in-1 Chain Saw Sharpener

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Living (and dead) proof

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What do you call it?

The last run

Something to take the sting from today

And while the GOP is giving away your rights for their political purposes

Time to put some steel in the GOP's spine

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Other ideas on prepping for old age

Do we really need to say it again?

Perhaps not as well known...

Time and timelines

What has been done can be done again

Sending you off to read something else--again

OK, so it's Doomer Porn

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Well, I'm shocked!

Interesting news on the next Chief of Naval Operations

Playing with big boy toys

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The mask is indeed off

Senior prepping


More like "Vanishing Point", but with a happy ending.


Again, we remember the "day of days"

Everyone else is linking it

The Triffin dilemma

Science Marches On!

Celebrating Ralph Johnson

Get 'em while you can

Idiocracy was supposed to be a movie