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Wishing you a Happy New Year

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An epic anti-Democrat rant in the age of Trump

So you're going to join the militia

Virginia-Pay attention to the dance

Merry Christmas!

Meanwhile, in Virginia

What? The ATF lies and exceeds its authority?

California's governor tries to monkeywrench the PG&E settlement

A new modern classic

Need a cable?

Richmond is surrounded

Yes, Virginia

Trains are a thing, too

More Calpocolypse

Is the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement spreading?

Doubling down on stupid

Taking Second Amendment Sanctuary the next logical step

Yeah, I've been around

Let me know how that works out for you

Happy Thanksgiving!

Restoring Coleman stoves

Scrap it or save it?

Try as they might, you can't stop the signal

The rest of the story

I guess I'll be donating more to the Salvation Army

Well, that didn't work out

You want climate change?

One down, three to go

One of many reasons I won't be buying an electric car

No comments if you do, spam if you don't

Conviently packaged for storage

California is lost

More Calpocolypse

Voices in the dark

ZeroHedge misses it

The approved list

Don't blame PG&E

It can't happen here

Does it work or what?


Civil war thoughts

Perilous Times

Living well off the grid

Another report from the Calpocalypse front lines

Done with the theme for now

Tired of the California blackout yet?

Still playing with the theme

Comment change

Playing with the blog theme

Sorry, more on the California blackouts

And this, children, is why Red Flag laws are bad

Shooting fish in a barrel

Cali-freakin'-fornia staggers on

That didn't take long

Where was California when the lights went out?


This makes me smile

Win some, lose some

This cheeses me off

>kenau> Woah >/kenau>

'merica indeed

It's an amazing world we live in

Found this amusing tidbit

Why the Left can't win

Will there be blood in 2020?

Apocalypse Delayed

Comments-a solution, but I'm not sure what it was

A new holiday

Comments, redux

OW! My feet!

A Friday Funny

Sucking up to the millenials

Et tu, Walmart?

Paying attention out there?

Sthil 2-in-1 Chain Saw Sharpener

Nailed it

Living (and dead) proof

What's up with commenting?

What do you call it?

The last run