Friday, June 01, 2018

"Their safety equipment took the search out of search and rescue."

We preppers sometimes let ourselves go down the garden path thinking that prepping is about big emergencies like hurricanes or economic collapse. But stories like this one, about 3 guys who were rescued from a sinking fishing boat by the US Coast Guard in just over 90 minutes, should drive home the need to be prepared when ever we go out--or for that matter are just walking around our own yard. Sure, we can say "Hey they were out on the ocean, of course they should take all the precautions,", but you'd be amazed at how often you will need things "out of the ordinary" as you go through your daily routine.

Let me give you one to think about. It hasn't happened to me, but it's something that I've had to consider. I'm not going to sit around the house all day until someone comes home so I can do the "dangerous" stuff where having someone around would be a good safety precaution. Take running a chain saw for instance. Even with appropriate safety gear, a chain saw is a dangerous tool. You can quite easily amputate a limb.

So there you are, looking stupidly at the bleeding stump. You have a cell phone, but you're going to bleed out before the ambulance gets there. Not, however, if you can keep your head (admittedly difficult) and you have a tourniquet on you. You can, with just a little practice, put a CAT or SWAT tourniquet on yourself with one hand. It's called self-rescue. If you work with dangerous tools or carry a gun, it's one of those things you should practice.

Because at its root, prepping is about saving your life. And the lives of your fishing buddies on a dark night on the ocean, along with surviving other bad days.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Upgrades for your AR

(Via The Woodpile Report)

Practical AR Enhancements That Work

From practical experience, I can endorse reliability enhancements I, II and IV. I feel that III is to some extent a matter of personal choice once the lubricant is of sufficient quality to make the gun run.

As far as the accuracy enhancements, I'll support I with the caveat of "If you use an optic." I can make an argument for Joe Average not having an optic on his SHTF gun that goes along the lines of "normally will have insufficient training for effective use". I don't support II unless your AR is for competition. I'll have to take their word on III. I unfortunately don't get any opportunity for night shooting.

Low budget wind turbines

(Via Gab)

So the world has gone all Mad Max on you and you need to make some energy. You didn't stock up on solar panels, you don't have access to a stream suitable for micro-hydro (Who does?) and wind turbines were out of your budget before everything went to hell.

Could you scrounge up some blue barrels and plumbing pipe?

Be sure to catch Part 2 on Youtube, where he adds the actual power production, as well as the bigger 6 barrel version (before the gun grabbers think it's a firearm and start trying to ban it). Hackaday also has a lot of other interesting stuff scattered about if you have the time to go down that particular rabbit hole.

The comments on the videos are full of suggestions for improvements, plus the usual BS YouTube idiots.


Simply and succinctly, owned.

Monday, May 28, 2018