Thursday, April 05, 2018

You're actually surprised?

(Via SurvivalBlog)

Karl Denninger seems surprised at the following:

The government is, of course, entitled to be wrong and repair that error which is what they're claiming they're doing now.  What it's not entitled to do, however, is turn you into a felon if you don't destroy or turn over a thing you were explicitly told, in writing, was legal and nothing more-nefarious or subject to regulation than a plastic box.  At absolute minimum the government is required (under the 5th Amendment) to pay you for the current fair market value of that device plus all your costs (e.g. sales tax) associated with same and to pay the manufacturers the imputed value of their facility, inventory and forward foregone earnings (and employee salaries) that would have been generated but for their error.  They could also ban the things on a forward basis (limiting any 5th Amendment claim of "taking" to the manufacturers) and leave alone anyone who already owns one.

Folks, it isn't like this is something new. The Federal Government has done exactly this before, and in the realm of firearms. They will do it again, if not with bump stocks, with some other firearms accessory. I can't recall an incident, but I'm sure they've done it in non-firearms areas as well. Governments want to control everything and everyone, "for their own good", not to mention the safety of the public and the stability of the government.


We The People have let our government go unchecked for far too long. In fact, we've probably let it go so long that, like a garden that has suffered decades of mistreatment and neglect, it's simply better to rip it all out and start over. Of course, there is much more danger in that approach with government than with a garden, but we've tried for most of my lifetime to "fix" government, and every fix has made things worse over time.

We are facing a time when our choices will be so constrained that they will all be equally bad, all equally high risk. I suppose it's possible that we are already there, but the optimist in me hopes not. But even if we aren't there now, we had best prepare for that time. It may arrive sooner and more suddenly than we expect.


Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

"I can't recall an incident, but I'm sure they've done it in non-firearms areas as well."

Marijuana, opium, alcohol, decent refrigerants, archeological artifacts, fossils, ivory, eagle and hawk feathers...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, & I've been told a boot lace is more effective, cheaper & already apparently illegal...
/Just saying...


Remember, it was under Imperious Barackus Rex that "bump stocks" were ruled legal.

In what I believe was a Second Order Devious move, I suspect he did that know that - sooner or later - something akin to Las Vegas would occur. Then they could use that as an excuse.

The same for stopping the "school to prison pipeline"; the results of not handling threats early were utterly predictable. And again, now, we see the Left racing to take advantage of the crisis.

Never, never, never, never, never trust a Democrat.

My own opposition to gun control: