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Hellbent but Heaven bound?

You can't judge a book by its cover

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Are you OK? Are you alright? HELP, MEDIC!

In other news, water is wet

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Facing down Hell

A Happy Thanksgiving to you

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Veterans Day

Time to clean up the browser tabs. Again.

If you're going to bug out, bug out early

Who-wee, it's Fall, ya'll

Like winter, Christmas is coming

Always a class act

"The father is not expected to face charges, police said."

Variety is the spice of life

Taking it up a notch

A tiny step into renewable energy

If this old world can hold it together for a while longer...

Sorry, but politics must intrude for a bit

Summer turns to fall

Feed the machine

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AR-15 Wear and Failure Points

Upstairs, Downstairs

Hurricane Florence AAR

Keepin' on and keepin' up with Florence

Hurricane party? I don't think so.

Hurricane's a' comin'

Good advice

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Log cabin built by a single man

Some budget cutting is a bad idea

What the hell happened to my home?

Prepping for a civil war

In case you need a reminder


This merits some celebration!

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Central Nervous System stop

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Internet Censorship--Brother, can you spare a mimeo machine?

Well this could be a little...chilling

Wise words

The Higher Education Racket

Unwanted guests

Something that isn't politics

Data points...we've got data points

Home invasions get worse

SPLC, thy name is LOSE

"They're coming for you next."

Blogger strikes again

Home invasions