Friday, March 17, 2017

The end is near--maybe?

Those of you who remember the post about the New Gun Malfunction and its continuation post have no doubt been waiting for the thrilling conclusion. Well, so have I. While we're not quite there, the FedEx guy has just moved the story much closer to the end by dropping off a spanking new G30.

I've been waiting to do this update until this happened, but as fate would have it, it took a while. Once Glock had my original G30 back in hand along with the video I had shot, one of their armorers took it out and ran 100 rounds through it, and oddly enough, he caught brass in the face. Why this didn't happen to another armor who fired 60 rounds the last time will simply have to remain subject to conjecture.

The armorer called me and we talked the situation out. I have an odd stance, forced on me by my by being right-handed/left eye dominant. This doesn't help the situation. We discussed the internals of the pistol--it had the correct extractor and ejector and the appropriate recoil spring assembly. Once all that was disposed of, it didn't leave much room for tinkering with the original gun. To Glock's credit, they simply said they were going to replace the gun under warranty.

Folks, that is excellent customer service. That's how you make and keep happy customers.

Unfortunately, Smyrna didn't have the first or last G30 Gen 4 pistol in stock. I was offered my choice of several others, such as the G30FS, but I explained to them that I wanted the Gen 4 gun for some specific reasons. At this point, early in March, the next production run wasn't schedule until mid-March, but I was assured that I would get one of the first guns off the line.

That gun showed up today This one is an LE program gun, witnessed by the blue label on the case, and it came with the full kit--3 mags and so on. So even though this has dragged out a long while, those go a way toward soothing any irritation.

Checking the gun, I also noticed something. I've been reading Massad Ayoob's "Combat Handgunnery" over the last few days, and while I hope to write about it more in depth later, one of the things that struck me was the section on trigger finger position and gripping the gun. He advocates using the distal joint, just as Pat McNamara does in the video I posted a while back. He also advocates a "crush grip", which is basically holding the gun as hard as you can without shaking. This is what I was taught many years ago and far different than how my grip was changed in later years by other trainers. When I use the crush grip, I no longer have a problem getting that distal joint to the proper location on the trigger. That may just make this gun a keeper after all.

The weather here is warming (finally), so I'm hoping to get to the range this weekend and see if this gun demonstrates any random ejection issues. Cross your fingers. I'll let you know how it all comes out.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just a quickie

I've been up to my armpits in Martians, as Bugs Bunny would say. Hopefully I'll be back and productive here tonight or tomorrow.

Some of the things I'm doing is some streamlining of my life--housecleaning, both figuratively and literally. I occasionally get in the mood for it, and I don't waste it when it occurs. One of the things that is gone is Twitter. They have slowly been getting more and more useless, adding in more and more rules about what can and cannot be said, who is allowed to say what and about whom it may be said and so on. The hell with them. I've deactivated my account (I think) and it should be deleted in a month. I've removed that feed from the sidebar.

I've also decided to take a break from Gab. I had high hopes for Gab, but just in the last day they've made a change in what I think of as a critical feature, and it was presented by Gab's management in a poor manner. I hope that the tone they took isn't indicative of how we as donors and supporters are perceived, but before I say anything really nasty and stir up an already well-stirred pot, I decided to just talk a walkabout.

All of this comes at a time when I'm withdrawing from social media to some extent. Not from any concern about security, but simply because it's a time suck and the signal to noise ratio is increasing to the point where it simply isn't worth any of my time. I'm still doing a little Facebook and I'm on LinkedIn for employment reasons, but all the rest of it can pretty much take a hike. Even though we're in the midst of an unseasonable cold snap, it will warm back up in a few days, and then I have range trips to make, work around the house to do, books I want to sit on the deck and read and all those fun things.

I may as well make the most out of this retirement thing as I can before some fool offers me another job.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Have you seen...

Have you seen the movie Hacksaw Ridge? I just watched it this afternoon and it was magnificent. While it takes liberties with the true story of Desmond Doss, I think it had to--no screen in existence could hold such a story. You have to be in awe of a man who was so strong in his religious convictions that he was willing to go, multiple times, into the hell that was the Pacific Theater during World War II without a weapon, without any training with a weapon, in order to meet his conviction that he had to serve his God, his country and his fellow man as a medic. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so.