Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Spree Killing, Part n

As Joel at The Ultimate Answer to Kings so elegantly put it, “Oh, hell. Here we go again.”

That's not to belittle the deaths or the suffering. Those are very, very real. For what pathetically little it's worth, I'm sorry this happened.

For me, it's to belittle all the "Our thoughts and prayers" messages, especially the ones from politicians and stars who have no involvement in this whatsoever but who just want to virtue signal. It's to belittle all the gun grabbers who couldn't even wait a decent 15 minutes before they started dancing in the blood. It's to belittle all the well-meaning nincompoops on our side trying to find some way to pin this on the Democrats, psychotropic drugs or Moms Against Something Or Other. It's to belittle the media idiots who feel that it's their God-given right and duty to comment on things that they know less than nothing about. It's to belittle all those idiots who think another law, or fifty or a hundred, will solve the problem. It's to belittle fools who think that any attempt to even consider doing something about the problem is an intolerable infringement on the Second Amendment. It's to belittle the fools that think we need to do away with the Second Amendment. It's to belittle the media who eggs on the next killer with their wall-to-wall coverage.

In short, it's to belittle all the same crap we hear every time some sick, warped individual decides go out and try for a new High Score.

At some point, we gunnies are going to have to come up with some workable ideas to help reduce the number of these acts. Yes, I understand how few in number they are and that firearms deaths are trending down. No, I don't know what those ideas might be, although I have a couple of not even half-baked ideas. But as a community we had better figure it out and soon, before we have something we don't want shoved down our throats. The voting public will eventually perceive this as a problem. Perception is reality and you'd better deal with that reality before it deals with you.

We won Sandy Hook, and we'll probably win this one, but how many more such victories can we stand?


Anonymous said...

Used to do guard duty a lot...the high level kind, with a sniper rifle. 2 or 3 reliable snipers posted in strategic locations and hired by the orchestrators of the event, would have easily eliminated that sick fuck after the first shot or 2. "Smile for the camera, bitch!" "course, somebody would always try to incriminate the righteous shooter for some kinda oppression of the sick fuck, even if he was a white guy.

Patrick D said...

The organizers said No Guns at the event. Okay, handguns woulda been useless, but a half dozen scoped rifles in the hands of, say ex marine rifle experts, and that sick fuck'd been down and out in no time.