Friday, December 30, 2016

Why I don't look down on Hi-Point owners

There are two constant arguments in gunnie circles that just leave me cold--the incessant caliber wars and the elitist turd burglars who just love to run down the owners of inexpensive handguns. We're going to talk about the turd burglars.

There are a number of reasons I quit actively participating in gun fora, one of them being elitist types who would consistently opine that if you didn't own a $750/$1000/$2500 pistol that you weren't serious about self defense and that you would/deserved to die in your first real self defense encounter. I fully suspect these folks have never had to actually make decisions such as "Do I take the car to a mechanic for repairs or do I do it in the parking lot in the rain myself so I can eat this week?" or "It's the last week of the month, is it more important to put my last $20 into the gas tank or my belly?"

They should try it sometime. It gives you a rather different perspective on a lot of things, affordability of handguns being only one of them. My self defense gun during this period was a borrowed .22 bolt action rifle. No pistol, I could't afford one of those.

So trolling through the Book of Fail today, I came across a post shared from Greg Ellifritz. Greg was at the range recently, and ran into someone with a Jimenez and a story.  It's quite a tale; I think you'd do well to read it.

You may not look at inexpensive guns quite the same way again.

That pesky Fifth Amendement

It isn't' only the Second Amendment that gets in the government's way--the Fifth is an essential bar when it comes to railroading a citizen in court. You need to know your rights pertaining to it, and it goes further than the Miranda warning we've all memorized after hearing it a thousand times on TV.  Ars Technica has an excellent piece on passwords, passcodes and when you should and shouldn't give them up to law enforcement.

Knowledge is power.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Here I was, felling terribly guilty...

It's been nearly two weeks and I've not written a thing here.  Yeah, holidays, the inevitable holiday family illness, so on and so forth.  Santa was good to me, I got a Pluggable Digital Microscope, which, as you will see at the link, is an incredibly cool toy.  Haven't had a chance to play with mine yet, but it's due to rain Thursday, hee-hee.

So until something moves me to write at length, I have a couple of YouTube videos that I found on Failbook.  One is Bob Vogl on pistol grip and the other is Pat McNamara on how much trigger finger you may need to use and warning, it's NSFW.  Both of these will also pop up enough more video leads to keep you in videos for a long afternoon.  Enjoy.