Friday, December 30, 2016

Why I don't look down on Hi-Point owners

There are two constant arguments in gunnie circles that just leave me cold--the incessant caliber wars and the elitist turd burglars who just love to run down the owners of inexpensive handguns. We're going to talk about the turd burglars.

There are a number of reasons I quit actively participating in gun fora, one of them being elitist types who would consistently opine that if you didn't own a $750/$1000/$2500 pistol that you weren't serious about self defense and that you would/deserved to die in your first real self defense encounter. I fully suspect these folks have never had to actually make decisions such as "Do I take the car to a mechanic for repairs or do I do it in the parking lot in the rain myself so I can eat this week?" or "It's the last week of the month, is it more important to put my last $20 into the gas tank or my belly?"

They should try it sometime. It gives you a rather different perspective on a lot of things, affordability of handguns being only one of them. My self defense gun during this period was a borrowed .22 bolt action rifle. No pistol, I could't afford one of those.

So trolling through the Book of Fail today, I came across a post shared from Greg Ellifritz. Greg was at the range recently, and ran into someone with a Jimenez and a story.  It's quite a tale; I think you'd do well to read it.

You may not look at inexpensive guns quite the same way again.

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