Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bu-bu-but guns never solve anything!

(Via the Drudge Report)

One of the many whines of the leftist gun grabbers is that violence/guns/whatever it is they don't like this week never solves anything.  The Sheriff of Butler County, Ohio begs to differ.

"There's a massive amount of employees that are not certified law enforcement officers that could be construed as a part of law enforcement," Craft said.

Those Butler County Sheriff's Office employees, such as administrative assistants, clerks and dispatchers, along with volunteers like citizens on patrol, have all been given the green light to carry their weapons to work as long as they have a valid concealed carry weapons license.

"They do a great service for this community and some of them are scared, and they've asked can they carry a concealed weapon," Craft said.

Their concern was taken seriously. In a memo sent to staff, Sheriff Richard Jones granted their request effective immediately.

Great Bleeding Ghu, an elected official with some common sense!  Quick, I don't care what party the man is, let's see if he'll run for President!

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Elizabeth Hanson said...

You are right. Maybe the liberals should do a study. Set up two places. One where guns are allowed and one where guns are not allowed. See which area as the most violent crime. Oh wait . . . we have that study already. How many of the places with recent violence was in "gun free zones"?