Saturday, July 25, 2015

Because we'd rather have dead recruiters than be publicly embarassed

The Pentagon asked Friday that individuals not stand guard at the military recruiting offices in the wake of the deadly Chattanooga terror attack.

I happily note that the governor of my home state, North Carolina, has signed orders that allow our National Guard troops to be armed while on their bases and at recruiting centers.  I have seen one who was very obviously armed with a sidearm.  I don't much care for Gov. McCrory, but he got this one right.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Damn...doesn't it suck when J. Edgar Hoover is right?

(Via Frugal Squirrels)

Some testimony from J. Edgar Hoover before a House committee on racial unrest in America in 1967 has an unexpected echo in 2015.

"Yep, professional protesters DO exist. You may also know them as "community organizers." (h/t"

And we have one of them as President.  How do you feel about the chances of a "free and fair" election in 2016, Mr. and Mrs. America?