Saturday, June 06, 2015

D-Day + 71 years

I wan't going to post anything this year.  It wound up being a shitty week, and besides, I figure that it's all been said before.  Looking at some pictures of that momentous day 71 years ago, I changed my mind.

These are men of the 16th Infantry Regiment, wounded while storming Omaha Beach, waiting by the chalk cliffs for evacuation to a field hospital for treatment on June 6, 1944.  They were some of the lucky ones--they lived through the bloody hell of Omaha.

Many of their comrades didn't.

To all those who fought, we owe our greatest gratitude.  We should always remember the sacrifice that these young men made on a cold, crappy day in June of 1944.

My shitty week doesn't really count in the great scheme of things, now does it?

What these guys say

In one simple article, John Mauldin and Stephen Moore make more economic sense than every Presidential candidate in my lifetime.

Sorry, I don't think either of them would consider running for the office.  They're busy doing something that's actually useful.  You know, making money.