Saturday, February 28, 2015

Odd the things that don't make the news

I first got wind of this bit of news via the Email Reflector That Must Not Be Named and have since seen it pop up on a couple of preparedness boards.  Working in the information technology arena, it's sort of odd that I'm hearing about this from that direction, rather than in my own trade press.

It seems that around noon on February 25, 2015, someone cut a fiber optic cable outside of Phoenix, AZ.  Now this in itself isn't that big a deal.  "Backhoe fade" is a fact of life in my business.  Even though everyone knows to call in the locators before digging, sometimes it doesn't get done, and sometimes the locator services goof and miss things.  It happens.

Details vary depending on the source, but the fiber optic cables (yes, plural) were buried somewhere between "several feet" and 15' deep.  However, one detail that doesn't vary is that they were cut by "vandals".  Now this doesn't seem all that likely to me.  Vandals, while destructive, are stupid, lazy beasts.  They aren't going to grab picks and shovels and dig up buried fiber--even assuming they know where it's buried.

Some speculate that this was the government making some sort of trial run for martial law.  I'm not buying that BS either.  If the government wanted to turn off part of the telecommunications infrastructure in this country, they have easier ways to do it.

It is possible that it was an accident of some sort.  Someone was digging for some unknown reason, didn't get a locate, cut the cable and, knowing he was going to be liable for the repairs, ran like hell.  It could happen.  However, supposedly there was zero evidence left behind at the scene.  I take that to mean not even tire tracks, and most folks digging hole like this would be using heavy equipment of some sort.  Some kind of evidence would be left behind.

I have to wonder if this is something like the incident a couple of years ago where an electrical substation near San Jose, California was shot up and put out of commission in a very sophisticated attack that also didn't get much media play.

No, I think that something else is going on here.  Hard to say just what, but it feels like we are being probed.  It's also possible that this was a diversion to allow a tap to be installed elsewhere in the data lines.  Given it screwed up telecommunications over an extremely wide area, perhaps it was to allow a crime or series of crimes to be committed.  If I puzzle over this long enough, I'm afraid I'll come up with even worse possibilities.

At any rate, you can read some conspiracy theory-ish stories here and here, while I was able to dig up a few local media stories in Google News here.  Draw your own conclusions.

I guess strange times are going to make for strange news, but things like this really make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Whatever this is and whatever the reason for it, the odds are against it meaning anything good.

If you depend on the Internet for communications, I suggest you come up with some new plans.  Part of my plans include amateur radio, but that costs money and it takes time to study for and get your license.  You can substitute CB and GMRS to some extent, but you won't have the distance capability that amateur radio brings to the table.  Unfortunately, there are few workable alternatives out there.

The interesting news just keeps on getting more and more interesting, doesn't it?

Could you use a 1000 hour flashlight?

How to take a $4.97 flashlight (plus tax, because Ghu know the government needs your money, even if you have been taxed on it already), a 50 cent resistor and some of your valuable time and make one yourself.

Now that is a pretty bright idea.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Welcome to the party

It looks like the legacy media is beginning to pick up the news of the impending M855 ammo ban.  Nice of you to join us.

From the Washington Examiner:  Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle

The Springfield (AR) New-Leader:  Proposal: Banning armor piercing bullets for the public

FOXNews picks up the Washington Examiner article under their own headline:  ATF pushes bullet ban, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle

Forbes actually got in the game earlier this week with a really good article that hits all the check boxes:  Why Is The ATF Moving To Ban Common Rifle Ammo?

We'll stop there, Google for yourself if you'd like more.

Interestingly enough, every article I found from the main-stream media called into question the ATF's motives on this proposed ban.  That's almost frightening.  However, given His Royal Highness Barack the First's sudden move to try and impose his agenda via executive order and regulation, it seems even the media is getting just a bit concerned.

I hope all those newly elected (R)s in Congress develop some backbone in the next day or two, because we really need them and the old, go along to get along (R)s to stand up and start putting some roadblocks in front of the Obama steamroller.  There is a foul undercurrent out here amongst the forgotten.  People are now officially tired of his shit and Congress's inaction in reigning in his excesses.  There's no way to know what form that displeasure will take, or when (or even if) it may erupt.

All I can tell you is that if it does, watch out.  It will not be pretty.

Monday, February 23, 2015

We are paying attention, aren't we?

I haven't been jumping all over this, because it seems that it's being covered pretty well, but there is a looming March 16, 2015 deadline to comment on the proposed BATFE *spit* ban on M855 ammunition.

Not to overstate the situation, but this is serious.  The boys in F Troop are trying to pull off a back door gun ban by setting the table to ban an entire classification of long gun ammo--anything that isn't lead core.  Couple this with the eco-nazis and their attempt to ban anything that has a lead core, and we'll be using our ARs to lob spitballs in a few years.

The NRA-ILA has a nice concise write-up of the situation, along with contact information.  Basically,  you need to send BATFE an email and tell them "NO!", but you need to do it in a polite way, and you need to cite some reasons.  The nice, concise NRA-ILA write up ought to be most helpful.  Hint, hint.

Then start beating up your congresscritters, especially if they are newly elected or freshly re-elected and have an (R) after their name.  Remind them who brung 'em to the dance, and that it's now time for them to do their part.  We elected them to stop President Hope E. Change-bama and his agenda, and this is a dandy place for them to start.

There's a lot riding on this.  We need to get on it and do our part.  The NRA, GOA and the rest are doing a lot, but we need to get out of the wagon and help push.  It's time for every gun owner in the US to introduce him or herself to the nity-grity of Second Amendment advocacy.