Monday, February 23, 2015

We are paying attention, aren't we?

I haven't been jumping all over this, because it seems that it's being covered pretty well, but there is a looming March 16, 2015 deadline to comment on the proposed BATFE *spit* ban on M855 ammunition.

Not to overstate the situation, but this is serious.  The boys in F Troop are trying to pull off a back door gun ban by setting the table to ban an entire classification of long gun ammo--anything that isn't lead core.  Couple this with the eco-nazis and their attempt to ban anything that has a lead core, and we'll be using our ARs to lob spitballs in a few years.

The NRA-ILA has a nice concise write-up of the situation, along with contact information.  Basically,  you need to send BATFE an email and tell them "NO!", but you need to do it in a polite way, and you need to cite some reasons.  The nice, concise NRA-ILA write up ought to be most helpful.  Hint, hint.

Then start beating up your congresscritters, especially if they are newly elected or freshly re-elected and have an (R) after their name.  Remind them who brung 'em to the dance, and that it's now time for them to do their part.  We elected them to stop President Hope E. Change-bama and his agenda, and this is a dandy place for them to start.

There's a lot riding on this.  We need to get on it and do our part.  The NRA, GOA and the rest are doing a lot, but we need to get out of the wagon and help push.  It's time for every gun owner in the US to introduce him or herself to the nity-grity of Second Amendment advocacy.

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