Friday, December 12, 2014

So sue me

I've been trying for weeks to come up with some novel peice of news that I could rif off of to use this link I found.  But I simply can't find one.

So if you find freeze-dried foods too expensive for your prepping budget, you might want to talk to a few friends and go in together on a personal freeze drying machine.  Yep, it's pricey, but split 4 ways it will set you back the price of a nice AR.  And able to dry 2 #10 cans per 24 hour batch, this thing would allow 4 families to put back some serious food in a hurry.

Something to consider once you're squared away in most of the basic areas.

When the hunter becomes the hunted

(Via the Mississippi Rebel)

I'm not a hunter.  I haven't been hunting in 40 years.  I have nothing against the sport, I just have nothing for it in particular.  I can tell you this--I would likely not have fared as well as this 12 year old girl fared while on an elk hunt.  Because as the hunter, I would not have expected to have become the hunted.

This has applications in self defense.  If you have been through any sort of self defense training, you should have been taught that you must scan your surroundings after you have engaged an attacker.  Yes, you have stopped the threat--and the adrenaline is pumping, you're shaking, your vision has narrowed and you can't hear shit.  You still have to scan around you.  The miscreant you just ventilated may have friends handy.

Don't become the hunted twice in one encounter.  You may not fare so well the second time.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Once again, the date that lives in infamy arrives

This time, it really is Sunday, December 7, though it is some 73 years after the fact.  The men who lived through that terrible day are fewer this year than they were last as time takes its toll.  But we must still remember that day, that "date that shall live in infamy".

It is said that our military has a slogan--"No more Pearl Harbors."  Perhaps they do, perhaps not.  We have certainly had events in recent times that have had similar impact upon us, 9/11 in particular.  However, we have reacted to that event so differently than we reacted to Pearl Harbor.  Instead of working together to defeat our enemy, we have become our own enemy, passing laws such as the mis-named "Patriot Act", surrendering bits and pieces of our freedom for a bit of temporary safety--or at least, that's what we think we are doing,

I have to wonder what the 2,403 men who died in the Pearl Harbor attack would think of that?