Saturday, October 19, 2013

Read and take heed

On gun fora and blogs around the Intertubz, there has been endless discussion on how one should act after a self-defense shooting.  You might want to take your lesson from these two Winston Salem, NC police officers who were recently involved in a shooting:

Police said Friday afternoon it appeared the only shots were fired by the officers, though the officers haven't been questioned since they attained lawyers.

Yes, the cops have lawyered up, and in a similar situation, so should you.  That's not to say you should be an ass about it at the scene.  However, as a part of their training, police officers are taught what happens to a person in the aftermath of a shooting--the shakes, the urge to babble on aimlessly and so on.  The best training also teaches them to dummy up fast and lawyer up just as fast.

Your best move is to give the responding officers a very brief account of the events, point out witnesses and evidence and then tell the officers that you hope they understand, but you've just been through a very traumatic event and that you'd like to be checked over by medical personnel.  Unless everyone is pointing at you and saying "BAD GUY!", this will immediately buy you time, since it's a reasonable request they can hardly refuse without looking bad in court.  Use that time to forcefully collect your wits as best you can.  Ask for something to drink and a place to sit for a moment.  These are also reasonable requests that they will have a difficult time refusing.  When they decide that they've been reasonable enough and start questioning you, then you hit them with "Officer, I hope that you will understand, but given the traumatic event that I've just went through, I'd like the advice of my attorney before speaking with you any further."  And then dummy the hell up.

They won't be happy with you, and may even start to step outside the boundaries and give you the line about "If you haven't done anything wrong...."  Be polite but firm in your refusal to talk, even if they arrest you.

The freedom you save will be your own.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I knew it...I just knew it!

I knew the Republicans were going to cave.  Not because they always cave, but because that is how the game works when a "two party system" system is in reality a sham.  Oh sure
“We all agree Obamacare is an abomination. We all agree taxes are too high. We all agree spending is too high. We all agree Washington is getting in the way of job growth. We all agree we have a real debt crisis that will cripple future generations. We all agree on these fundamental conservative principles....
And sure, they “fought the good fight”--in a pig's eye.  What they actually did was a carefully choreographed dance with the outcome decided long before, and dragged out until the 11th hour just to be sure the sheep were good and panicked.  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't all have bets down on Wall Street as well, just so they could score a few more bucks for themselves.

We have gotten the government we deserve.  Half the population can vote to steal from the labors of the other half.  Hardly anyone tries to educate themselves on how things really work in this country so they can protect themselves.  Most people pull the lever for whoever the media scares them into voting for this time, because the sons of whores on the other side want to cut Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps and serve baby sandwiches at their cross burnings, which are all a prelude to rounding up all those damn so-and-sos on the other side and herding them off a cliff somewhere to the strains of the Koniggraetzer March.

I don't think I had dared hope that something good would come from this--as a matter of fact, I was sort of hoping we'd go ahead and default on the national debt and get the party started while I was not so old that I might have some vague chance of seeing the other side of the chain of events that a default would start.

Instead, we're going to kick that poor miserable can a little further down the road.  We're going to drag this out, spend more money we don't have, pile up more unpayable debt and in general ensure that when whatever it is that's going to happen happens, it's going to be even worse than it would have been if it happened tomorrow.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I strenuously suggest that you prepare like your life depends on it, for it may very well do so.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I've been watching with interest the "festivities" in Washington, DC this morning as the Million Vet March on the Memorials kicks into gear.  While this seems to be a non-event in the eyes of the mainstream media, over on the citizen's side of things it appears that, while a million may not have appeared, several thousand have.  So have the local law enforcement types, who might have been better advised to stay home.

So far, the only issues seem to have been the removal of the removal of the "barrycades" from various and sundry public spaces.  Given that this appears to be an utterly peaceful protest against a government mired in hubris and stupidity, I figure that the police  presence can do no good and could actually lead to confrontation where none was intended or necessary.  Of course, that could be exactly what those in power intend or think necessary.

Those in power need to remove their heads from their anal orifices for a minute, engage what is left of their ossifying brains if possible and consider that this is how revolutions get started.

We the people are getting good and pissed.  Time to see to all your preparations, both physical and mental (and spiritual if you're so moved).  While it could be that the herd is shortly lulled back to sleep, it could also be that the stampede starts in 30 seconds.  You don't want to be among the trampled.