Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Well, if you're a gun blogger, you gotta

There is some sort of Internet law that demands that we gun bloggers pontificate on the latest mass murderer who chose a gun as his weapon.  OK, I'll play.

I hope the poor, mentally-ill bastard rots in hell.  He gets no sympathy from me, sick or not.

If the government, in the persons of our military leadership, weren't such morons about our warriors being armed while on base, this might not have gotten so far.

I've also seen moronic debates about whether or not we should jump right in to defend our rights.  We damn sight better, because the other side has spokesfools and press releases all set up and ready just waiting for this.

And lastly, right when the whole gun control movement was about to stop moving again, we have some mentally-ill guy go to a gun free zone and shoot the place up.  I'm sorry, but this is getting to the point where the coincidence is wearing thin.