Saturday, August 31, 2013

A partial answer to an old question, perhaps

(Via the Survival Blog)

A question that always gets asked by those new to the concept of survivalism/prepping is "How do I know when it is really the fecal material impacting the air handler?"  It's a reasonable question that in all honesty doesn't really have an answer.  You have to define your terms, such as SHTF, and everyone will have a different definition.

However, if we start defining those terms, we can develop some indicators to watch.  Any single indicator means little to nothing, but added together they can give you some advance notice (which could ranges from hours to months) that something wicked this way comes.

Recently, I've been actively cataloging things that I think may be those indicators.  Today, I've found one that may be another.  I rarely quote someone at great length, but this one has to be.
Given the razor's edge the financial system now teeters on, analysts estimate a Treasury Bond interest rate of 3.5% is about where a death spiral begins. Of all the 10-year Treasuries held in the world, the Federal Reserve owns a bit less than a third. Should the interest rate tick up toward its normal 4% to 6%, the Fed would need to "print money" just to break even, meaning more bonds need to be issued to put it into play. What seemed "manageable" is transformed into a runaway, self-compounding event. Rising interest rates also trigger serious effects outside the bond market. Derivative implosions, for one. The spiral starts when buyers see the Fed losing control of artificial low rates, which is where they get the 3.5%. The spiral ends when the entire federal budget goes to pay interest. The numbers suggest this could take only a few months, start to finish. Somewhere near the final rollover look for near-total wealth destruction when DC seizes nominally private accounts—retirement, savings, checking or what have you, partly on the theory private transactions are criminal transactions until proven otherwise. But mainly because the EU and South America have shown them they can. And what they can do, they will do.
Easy to track, can be tracked in an automated fashion with alerts sent out to your smart device, email or what have you.

Yes, I probably need to do something longer on this.  One thing at a time, these days.

Why do you need a gun in a park?

(Via the Drudge Report)

Oh heck, I don't know...maybe to protect yourself from being gang-raped?

A local council-leech puts it better:

“The new criminal we're seeing, they're bold, they're brazen, and they have a total disregard for life,” said Maria Cabrera, city councilwoman-at-large in Wilmington.

But this being Delaware, one of those northeastern cradles of the Revolutionary War, where they've forgotten that the burden for your personal defense rests squarely on the shoulders of the individual, it ranges from difficult to near impossible to carry a gun for your defense.  Because guns.

I just can't buy the argument that we get from people in these states, the ones that go along the lines of "Hey, if we don't fight these things here you'll be fighting them in the free-er states."  It doesn't work that way.  Look at Colorado, where laws just went from pretty darn good to crap in the space of a few weeks.

We're going to fight these BS attacks on our Constitutionally-protected freedoms everywhere, in every state, county, city, town and village.  It seems to me that, like the Free State projects, we would do ourselves a favor to band together in carefully selected states where we can mass the votes to keep this stuff at bay.  Let those other places go straight to the hell of their own choosing, and good riddance to them.

But that's just me, thinking pragmatically.

Friday, August 30, 2013

An old friend of mine once told me a story

It was about catching a guy trying to break into his truck to steal his golf clubs.  Back in the day, this friend was, shall we say, a relatively physical individual.  He took one of the target clubs and beat the snot of of the would-be robber.  When he was done, he told him something that has always stuck with me.

"If you're going to fuck with me, you'd better know who you're fucking with."

Crudely put, perhaps, but wise advice.  It seems that the players of "the knock out game" should start paying attention to it, given the number of folks who concealed carry these days.

Teens playing ‘Knockout Game’ target unsuspecting passerby, victim fights back with .40 cal

Shot him right in the sitter.  The idiot 17 year old is lucky the guy wasn't a lot better shot.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Springfield Armory is recalling a batch of their XD-S pistols.  Yes, dammit, mine is on the list.  And just in case you haven't heard, Smith and Wesson has an issue with the Shield, as well.

Figures.  Just in time for our restaurant carry bill to take place, my favorite carry gun has to go home for a visit.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I promise I'm not dead

We are just coming out of silly season at the new-ish employer.  That, coupled with a particularly intractable health issue (migraines, if you're curious) has meant that most of my spare time has been utilized trying to keep the house going or lying about feeling like well-hammered feces.

I have a post, either one of those long Smallest Minority poss, or perhaps a series of posts if I choose to break it up, on a subject that has become near and dear to my heart.  In the meantime, I do find time to Tweet about this and that.  Look to the right and you'll see it.  Feel free to follow me if you're lurking about that particular odd part of the Internet.