Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not buying Stumblebum's BS

Now that the ZOMG Dangerous Gunz! Locator app has been well and thoroughly poisoned with bad data (and a big thanks to all the folks who took time to do so), the creator claims it's a honey pot.  And even though he is a gunowner hiz ownself, he's all butthurt that

...a smaller component of the community that sees any attempt at improving gun safety as an affront to their second amendment rights. Reasonable regulations that do not interfere with anyone’s second amendment rights – such as universal background checks and trigger locks when guns are unattended in the presence of children – are needed to help abate the gun violence epidemic in this country.

Um, no. We don't care for something that lets sanctimonious busybodies such as yourself judge us by whatever standards that you should decide should be enforced today.  We're perfectly happy to practice gun safety as embodied in Col. Cooper's Four Rules, and we're OK with locking up our guns when not in use (or carried, or by the bed at night).

See you later, Stumblebum.  Sorry this little escapade didn't help breathe any life into that moribund CV of yours.

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