I am (cautiously) heartened

So, Teh Anointed One has taken another turn at dancing in the blood.  He dance steps looked, well, timid.

He called for, but did not try to enact by some witless executive decree, another "assault weapons ban", magazine capacity limits and all the rest of  gun banners litany of  "We wants!"  Sounds good for the press, looks good on TV, effectively means squat.  He doesn't really support the Second Amendment and he luvs him some gun banz.  This is my shocked face.

He also signed a bunch of executive orders, the gist of most of which was "I order you to do things that you're already doing."  Again, theater for the masses.  Makes the gun grabbers all warm and wet in the knickers.  Little effect on our rights as far as I can tell, other than what we already put up with.  If it's the worst that comes out of this, then we win big.

So now we know what the battle looks like, more or less.  We know where the battlefield is.  Now we'll fight all the gun bills in Congress, and I think, if we can make sure the Republicans don't go all weasel on us, we'll win.  We may win ugly, but we'll win.

Have you hectored your Congresscritter today?


  1. Freeholder hope ya don't mind!





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