Friday, December 14, 2012

Another one creeps out

Mass murders seem to beget mass murders.  We've seen it before, and unfortunately, we're seeing it in spades this time.  The current count is 26 dead, plus the shooter, who we shall not name.

This time, the nut job went after kids.  Whether or not it was a move calculated for maximum horror and pain, or as some accounts are saying, it was simply directed at his mother's workplace, an attack on children strikes a special level of terror in the hearts of parents and non-parents alike.

Predictably and unfortunately, those who hate our civil liberties are holding their usual Dance in the Blood in it's usual location, the national media.  Shame is not a concept they know--the crisis is now, and must be used to maximum advantage.

Let me explain something to anyone who happens to pass by this page.  Connecticut has some of the stricter guns laws  in the US.  It was illegal (he was under 21) for the shooter to posses the two pistols that were found at the scene, just as it was illegal for him to have any gun at a school.  Killing people is illegal, as is wounding them.

Note that none of this stopped him from killing 26 innocent people.  Another thousand laws would not have stopped him.  An armed citizen might have, but those who have went through the process to carry concealed weapons are also banned from having our guns with us in a school.

The victims were utterly unable to mount an effective defense.  While quick-witted actions by teachers no doubt saved several students, there was no one present who could stand against a well-armed mad man.  By the time the police arrived, it seems that the shooter had finished his work and himself, leaving the police to start cleaning up the mess he created.

None of this is new to students of armed self defense.  Dunblane, Columbine, Virginia Tech and now Sandy Hook.  Every time, the story is monotonously and sadly the same.  Murderous mad men on the lose in an area where the honest can not legally defend themselves, and the police arriving too late to help.

I have to wonder how long we will continue to deny reality.  Evil exists in the world.  Some people are so deeply broken that they care not the level of evil they do.  We can't identify them until after they act.  We allow ourselves to be disarmed by laws that any intellectually honest court ought to rule a violation of our Constitutional rights.  And we and our loved ones are all too often led to the charnel house.

It's time to tell the Bloomburgs and the Bradys of the world that we will no longer tolerate them or their nonsense.  It's time for us to keep the pressure on them and push back the laws that prevent us from effectively exercising many of our rights.

It's high time to make sure that the list doesn't get longer.  It's time to let the good guys carry everywhere, all the time.

An armed Israeli teacher, watching over her students.  At one time, Israeli schools were popular terrorist targets.  For years, Israeli teachers have been trained and armed.  When's the last time the terrorists had any success attacking a school in Israel?  Yeah, I can't think of it either.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Revenue enhancement

(Via the Drudge Report)

If you're driving in Baltimore, you can get a ticket for speeding while stopped for the light.

I suppose the city's budget has a hole in it that needs filling.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pass the tinfoil, will ya?

So, we have another nut job who decides to shuffle off this mortal coil in the company of innocents, all while the gungrabbers are pushing His Obamaness to Ban E-e-evil Gunz!"

I can't remember where, but I recently read something on assassinations.  They stated that it had long been a mafia trick to recruit "crazy people" to commit assassinations.  The theory is that, being crazy, no one will actually pay attention if they say anything--anything at all.  I mean, they're crazy, you know?

This was brought up in the context of Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  But given the recent (well relatively recent) number of seriously nut job shooters, I have to wonder if someone has caught onto the trick.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


(Via the Drudge Report)

Looters gonna loot--until the lootees say not no, but "Hell no!"

I wonder how long it will take before governments figure out that those with money plan on keeping it, and that they'll do whatever they need to in the process.  I remember the 70s, when there was a virtual flood of such folks coming out of Great Britain over their idiotic tax policy--which they're thinking of repeating, by the way.  This feels much like that, except they're all doing it.

Prepare for a flood of exit taxes to be enacted by governments around the world in reprisal, and prepare for a few smart countries to take advantage of this situation.

Can someone pass the popcorn?

In the heart of a dark empire

A Federal Court says "Yes" to concealed carry in Illinois.  Obviously this will not be the final battle (their governor is already making further gun control noises), but it's good news for Illinoisans who would like to take responsibility for their own safety.

Do you suppose the tears have ended in Chicago yet?