Friday, November 23, 2012

Another case of catastrophic failure in the victim selection process

And in Texas again.  Have they cornered the market on inept crooks?

Wow--another self-defense use of a gun that the media claims never happens

To me, being at a Black Friday sale violates the admonition about "Don't be in stupid places with stupid people doing stupid things."  I'm glad that the man who took a punch to the face was armed and able to defend himself.  That it must even be said that he won't be charged saddens me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, blogosphere

For what we have, let us be thankful this day.

We can be angry tomorrow.  :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tom Gresham on WWP, The Interview

(Vai Facebook)

I still haven't had time to listen to it, so let's take Tom Gresham's word on how his interview with Wounder Warrior Project President Steve Nardizzi went:

There was much back and forth, with it quickly taking on the feeling of dealing with a politician who has to be there, but who doesn't really want to answer the questions. To get the full flavor of the interview, you can download it or listen online.



A 7-month-old dog rescued from a South Carolina animal shelter has rescued his new North Carolina owners from a fire.

Why you have to be careful in a gun store

Because gun store employees are not necessarily any better on the 4 Rules than any one else.

Authorities say an employee at a New Mexico gun shop was unloading a handgun when he accidentally shot a customer in the back, wounding him.

Nice, we managed all 4 in a single sitting.  I hope the gun owner comes through this so he can sue everyone in sight.  This was stupid, and it should hurt someone other than him.

Monday, November 19, 2012

I guess in the non-profit world, $319,000/year only buys a better quality of FAIL

(Via Say Uncle)

Steve Nardezzi, president of the Wounded Warrior Project, went on Gun Talk yesterday in an attempt to talk his organization out of the hole it had dug itself.  I didn't get to listen as it doesn't air in my market.  Guns Save Lives did, and was unimpressed.

I'll try to get the podcast listened to ASAP and let you have a more personal take, but I doubt I'll hear anything different.

My big question to the readership is "Who does the Q4 donation go to?"  A lot of folks are going with Soldiers Angels, but I'm wondering if anyone has other suggestions?  I've donated to Cooking With The Troops as well, but I'm always up for suggestions.