Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nothing changes

Year 11 since our world changed in fireballs of jet fuel and collapsing buildings.

And the only changes I see are for the worse. Instead of going in, kicking ass, taking names and then coming home, we're involved in some Forever War clone. Despite ol' Prez Hope N. Change and all his fancy speechifying, we're still over there fighting for...something or other. It seems that we've somehow lost track of exactly what we're trying to accomplish these days. Pity, wars work better when you know what victory looks like. Instead, we keep on sacrificing our best, brightest and bravest plus treasure galore in order to accomplish we're not sure what.

At home, we continue to lose the very freedoms that our enemies hate us for in the name of fighting them.

Heck, if we keep this up, we may figure out what victory looks like. It will be when we act just like them.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Brady Bunch's collective (ist) heads have just exploded

(Via Survivalblog)

Someone, with rather more time and machinist skills than I, and probably considerably more discretionary income as well, has decided to one-up all those nice folks who want to ban guns above .50 caliber (and yes, Elmer, that means shotguns, too).

Meet the 14.9 SOP. A necked down 20mm Vulcan cartridge that will deliver the mail and the truck it came in on, at ranges that will require some interesting optics to work at. While the inventor says it's just an experiment and isn't available for sale, what one man can do, so can another.