Saturday, August 11, 2012

Free Money!

It's right there in the book! Atlas Shrugged, p. 670!

Not really. The actual story is that a Chevron refinery had a fire, and a lot of people were inconvenienced. Some have a legitimate claim, like lost wages or a trip to the hospital to get checked out, but others just see a big ol' pot-o-money and want to get their fair share.

"It's disappointing," said Gallon, a 61-year-old Richmond resident who said he lived out of the area when others received payments of about $1,000 each after a fire at the refinery in the 1990s. "I want in on this one."

WTF happened to this country?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sorry, just not feeling it

I got no justified rage at anti-right zealots, moronic politicians (sorry about the redundancy), crony capitalists or any of the rest of it. Can't find you a cute/funny story or anything on anyone's blog that needs reposting. Things may be moving to their eventual denouement on some future black day, but right now, I'm just doing what needs doing.

One of those things was a visit today to a Remote Location of my employer. One of my staff and I joined one of our facilities folks and a denizen or two of said location to map out some tech upgrades to occur in the next few months. It went well; we've got ourselves a good plan that the Employer can afford and that will make things better for the paying customers.

Remote Location just happens to be in the same large metro area where Daughter goes to university and has spent her summer interning at a Major Retail Chain. So I went by, picked her up for lunch and had a very good burger (that Black Angus died for a good cause) at an interesting restaurant. Then I took her back to school and headed back to Command Central, narrowly missing one heck of a thunderstorm on the way. Then home and a visit to a neighbor who's in the hospital after surgery (doing fine, home tomorrow).

One thing I've discovered, or maybe rediscovered, lately is something that we've talked about in self defense classes. You can't live in Condition Orange all the time. It wears on you, it messes with your mind and your perceptions. It will eff up your life if you allow it to happen, and it doesn't take long for it to do so. Trust me and that bloody t-shirt I'm wearing.

So I have forcefully talked myself back down to a nice moderate Yellow, I think. Still doing things to prepare in case the world goes all casters up on me, but I'm also trying to just keep my calm and view things as dispassionately as I can so that I can make good decisions.

What good is it being ready for TEOTWAWKI if you kill yourself in the process?

Sunday, August 05, 2012

We knew it would happen again

Now a nutjob has shown up at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin for his 15 minutes. Very few details so far other than 6 dead. Gunman was put down by a veteran police officer, who was also shot.

Do one thing for the victims. Join Roberta and a lot more of us who are determined to not say this jerk's name. Let him disappear from the face of the earth as another unlamented bit of evil that has been expunged.

You'd better also get ready for the Gun Grabber Chorus to ramp up for another verse while dancing in the blood of the victims.

Why would I need a gun to go to Walmart?

Because someone might rob you. And they may not be content with just knocking you to the ground to get what they want.