Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why "lock your guns away from minors" laws are a bad idea

North Carolina has a "safe storage" law pertaining to guns--you have to "secure" your firearms where minors can't get to them, or face charges.

I think this law, like most laws regarding firearms, is a Bad Thing. I understand the intent, but if you have guns in the house, you're far better off de-mystifying them to your kids. Teach them the 4 Rules, teach them to respect the destructive power of a firearm and teach them the proper use of a firearm.

Because they may be caught alone at home when some armed nutjob decides to break in.
It's a damned shame that a 14 year old had to shoot someone, but it's far better that than what was likely going to happen if he hadn't shot him.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No matter what, we will win

(Via Claire Wolfe)

Because our very culture is a weapon of mass destruction. Heck, it may be stronger than Chuck Norris.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Found on Facebook

As one commenter said, "My idea of help from above is a sniper on the rooftop."

Who says Facebook is a waste of time?:-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Could socialist France be getting the joke?

(Via the Drudge Report)

Could be.

MSNBC steps on their...

...editing. Again.

Look we all know that most of the national media is in the tank for Obama. But at what point do We the People say "Enough already!" and begin forcing the media to return to actual journalism?
I know that I pretty much don't watch them any more, as I have zero faith in their accuracy. I don't know why anyone does at this point.

I wonder how long the advertisers will hang in there and support this? Might be time for a few letters. Just sayin's all.

No! Really?

Millionaire Parents Say Their Kids Are Unfit to Inherit

This is my shocked face. Seriously. Rich parents are saying that their kids
“lacked the requisite capacity or skill, knowledge, experience, judgment or responsible work ethic” to manage the business and inheritance."
While that quote comes from Australian mom & rich person Gina Rinehart, it's reported that half of US millionaire parents agree with her.

The author offers two explanations. One is that the parents value the struggle they faced to become rich, and want their kids to have the same same difficult but fulfilling experience. The other is that they don't feel the kids can handle all that money--they're not prepared emotionally and financially for it.

I'm calling bullshit. Leaving aside the whole notion of not being prepared financially to be financially well off--whatever that means--what I'm seeing is my generation doing what it does best--blaming someone else, in this case their children, for their own failings.

This is something that a large part of the Boomer generation has a great talent for. Back in the 60s it was "The Man" keeping you down (I'm sure the drugs and not working had nothing to do with it). In the 70s it was the economy (again, I'm sure the drugs and not working had nothing to do with it). In the 80s it was greed (and the fact that we didn't have the foresight to get a Harvard MBA of our own and work in investment banking) doing the dirty work. In the 90s it was Wall Street and the Republicans, with an encore presentation in the first decade of the 2000s (with the Global War on Terror added for zest). I have yet to figure out whose fault it is in this decade, but I'm betting on the Mayans with Global Warming to place.

It couldn't possibly be that Mommy and Daddy Richest failed to teach their kids how money works, how to deal with it, how to make it and how to make it grow. I refuse to believe that, not with the evidence of the generations of the Hilton family building a great hotel chain and Paris as their offspring, waiting for her turn to prove herself in business. It cannot be!

What I'm betting really went on is that these successful Boomers were so engrossed in making the money that they ignored everything but that. The heck with the kids, the nanny and the expensive private school will take care of them. We've worked hard to be successful--let's take a vacation on the Riviera, just you and me! And while we're gone, we can have the house redecorated.

Our parents were the Greatest Generation. They survived the Great Depression, won World War II and the Cold War. (Yes, we did win, not that you can tell it now.) But, as imperfect humans, they had their flaws.


I'm hoping that, rather than taking us as good examples, our children are smart enough to take us as terrible warnings. Our parents, who had been through so much, wanted it to be easier for us, and showered us with everything except the hard lessons they had learned. Don't forget, we've also been called the "Me Generation", and with damned good reason. It's all about us--that's what our parents unwittingly taught us. As a generation, we partied it up and generally enjoyed the hell out of it, and our children, our grandchildren and likely our great-grandchildren will pay the bills.

I hope they will still remember us fondly.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


As I noted this time last week, The Freehold has been in something of a time of troubles. As is the way of the universe, things change.

Mrs. Freeholder got a clean bill of health this week, at least as far as scary bad things go. This is an unmitigated Good Thing. She still has some issues that bear watching, but "Welcome to Getting Old". And, all things considered, it does beat the alternative.

I'm back on Synthroid and so far, so good. I am crossing my fingers and watching carefully for the early warning signs of another bout of what I am terming "morning sickness".

The world continues along its path. I still feel like it's page 581 of Atlas Shrugged, but outside of making the preparations I can, there realistically isn't much to do but watch. I have left a long comment over at Tam's on a post of hers that pretty much sums up my plan of action, not only for today, but going forward as well. I direct you there because there's some good reading in the comments on that particular post.

Now get out of here and go enjoy Father's Day. I am.