Friday, February 17, 2012

The hits just keep on coming

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Earlier this week I told you about a young girl whose home-packed lunch was deemed lacking in nutrition in a NC school.

It seems she was not the only one.

Nanny, you're pushing your luck.

Winning, Canadian Style

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Our Canadian gunnie brothers and sisters have won a big one--the long gun registry is a step closer to becoming history. Word is that their enemies of freedom can delay it but can't stop it.

Yay, ya'll!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peg the Hypocrisy Meter: Do as we say, not as we do

After taking money from the anti-gun Joyce Foundation, Media Matters founder David Brock decides that having his own personal armed guard is a Good Thing.

Oddly enough, I agree with him. The only problem is that I didn't have anyone to pay for mine, so I had to go the do-it-yourself route, get my concealed carry permit, get some training, get a gun and actually "dirty" my hands carrying it.

I guess that makes me a lesser being than David Brock. Darn.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Atlas Shrugged" was a Warning, not a Manual: I remember when

As kid, I remember that North Carolina was known as "The Good Roads State", because our road system was so comprehensive and well-maintained. For whatever reason, I particularly remember US Highway 52 north of Winston Salem, where the entire thing was maintained so well that it could have been mistaken for someone's yard.

Of course, back in those days, our now legendary (at least to those of us who grew up here) corruption in just how roads are handled had yet to occur, and the chain gangs were always highly visible, cleaning up things, mowing, trimming trees and so on.

It would seem that our politicians have totally forgotten that legacy, and now would like to make us The Toll Roads State, acting as if the failure to buy gas here (with the highest gas tax in the Southeast) is somehow a crime. Unless of course you live here, in which case more is required from us.

I guess that I may as well make peace with the concept of a toll booth at the end of my driveway eventually. I mean, I'm now driving one of those evil, efficient cars that NCDOT Spokesdroid project engineer Kristine O'Connor, spouting the party line of DOTs nationwide, blames for all this.

"...because their cars are so efficient they don't have to stop..."

Mr. Thompson is not going to allow us to win. Remember that.

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"Atlas Shrugged" was a Warning, not a Manual: It just keeps getting funnier, every time I see it

(Via the Drudge Report)

The U.S. Justice Department called Switzerland's largest private bank a fugitive from justice on Friday after it didn't send any representatives to a court hearing in New York, where it has been charged with conspired with American clients to hide $1.2 billion from the Internal Revenue Service.

I mean, at a certain point, you've used up all the outrage, and all that's left is to laugh at them.