Saturday, January 21, 2012


(Via Say Uncle)

Poor George Lucas. It seems that he won't make any more Star Wars movies, seeing as how he's been so beat up over the last three.

George, a couple of pieces of advice. First, don't wait umpteen years before making your sequels.

Second, make sure that when you do get around to making them that they don't suck.

Then we'll all buy tickets, Blu-Rays and say nice things about you. See how it works?

It's a picture!

Of the earlier mentioned Springfield XDS. I'm going to be haunting gun dealers over this one. Check out the size of that puppy!

It seems that the media's reports of Gingrich's demise

are a bit premature. ROTFLMAO

The bad news? Ron Paul finished last.

Friday, January 20, 2012

OK, let see if I got this straight

Police have no duty to protect you.

New Britain, CT police are told that attempting to save lives isn't related to their work.

They don't get there in time to catch the bad guys
, although they did get there in time to clean up the mess.

Police are allowed to relieve citizens of their property and then keep it for their own use with no proof that any illegal activity has occurred.

Yeah, I seem to have it straight.

Late update--the Lexington NC Gun and Knife show

For whatever reason, my blog shows up in search results ahead of their site. So you need to know that it's January 21-22, at the old Victory Cadillac building on US Highway 64. Go check out their web site for the details.

Well, I warned you

Yeah, free ice cream has been a bit hard to come by around here. As I expected, the new job is wearing steel-toed boots and is kicking my fat old...something or other.

I've tried to get up those things that I thought most noteworthy, plus a few fun things. Hopefully some things pique my interest this weekend.

I will note that the current politics, economic and other news, while interesting, just isn't giving much to work with. I'm not sure how many more "You damn well better prep now because you won't be able to later" posts I have left in me. I see very little to lead me to think that things will get better any time soon. On the contrary, all I see is confirmation that we had all best prepare to embrace the suck.

Ya'll hang in there, because that's what I'm doing--by my fingernails. Thank heaven that I enjoy my work.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh dear...

GunsAmerica sends a report from SHOT that Springfield Armory is introducing a polymer, single stack, 5+1 in .45 ACP.

So many guns, so little range time.