Saturday, December 22, 2012

Will you people think for a minute?

I just got off one of the local news rags; out of the comment section on yet another "evil guns" story.  Folks, a lot of us aren't doing the cause of freedom any favors.

Now I can just hear you thinking "Boy, there's the pot calling the kettle black", but give me just a second.  Here, I'm pretty much preaching to the choir.  I have seen very little evidence over the years that those who hate our civil rights visit this obscure little corner of the blogosphere.  And since my audience is gun nuts and freedom freaks, I'm writing both to vent my feelings and to gin you guys up into taking action.

But when you're in the comment section of one of your local news orgs, what you write is going to be seen by thousands, tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of people.  A spittle-flying rant has no place there.  You have to calm down and present facts and well-reasoned opinion backed by facts.  This isn't because you're going to magically reach the antis,but because we're trying very hard to reach those who are still on the fence and those who haven't really considered the subject in depth.

We're going to win this battle not only by being louder than they are (difficult, considering they control the media) but by being smarter than they are (not so difficult, I think) and forcing them to play our game.

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