Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another one gone

I read that we're losing over 5,000 veterans of World War II per day. And it sucks every damn time.

Rest easy, soldier.


Anonymous said...

Has of the 2000 Census there were 5.7 million WWII veterans. If 5000 die every day for 12 Years that would be well over 21 million. No one ever checks the mouth when they say these things.


The Freeholder said...

Amazing how many people need to hide being a dick behind being anonymous on the Intertubz. AT least I'm "The Freeholder" everywhere I go.

I said... "I once read". I didn't quote it as a fact. But if you want a fact, then hike your sorry ass over here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surviving_U.S._veterans_of_World_War_II

Oh, and one more thing. Men like Buck Compton fought and died to ensure your freedom. Try being worthy of the sacrifice for a change.

Fred Jones said...

I meant to say check the math. Its your blog you can say whatever you want. How do you know that Buck Compton really did anything in WWII.You Neo-cons kill me. Go wrap yourself in the flag of this imperialistic country. Mitt Romney needs you. What a Maroon.

The Freeholder said...

"Neo-con". Jeeze--read the blog much?

Oh, by the way--you're still a dick. Thanks for proving it.