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The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? That's crazy talk!

But we can't arm teachers, because...

Socialist progress

So, we went to a gun show

I'm smiling

Worth your time

Utah teachers--better prepared than average

Diane Feinstein grandstands again

Could it be this easy?

Goodbye, guys

Merry Christmas


Pot, meet Kettle

Will you people think for a minute?

Of course, the fight part would go better if you were armed

Another day in the cross hairs

So, you think I should be shot?

What Joe said

Hey, Hey, NRA

Elmer Fudd opines again

Why? Here's why.

Are you on the list?

Perhaps an MRI is in order

Another one creeps out

Revenue enhancement

Pass the tinfoil, will ya?


In the heart of a dark empire

"But we're not a police state!"

A little something different this year

Raising the dividend tax has no consequences

Good luck with that


Who killed Twinkie?

So I finally had time to listen to the Gun Talk Wounded Warrior finale

Another case of catastrophic failure in the victim selection process

Wow--another self-defense use of a gun that the media claims never happens

Happy Thanksgiving, blogosphere

Tom Gresham on WWP, The Interview


Why you have to be careful in a gun store

I guess in the non-profit world, $319,000/year only buys a better quality of FAIL

It's all a misunderstanding

Is this the beginning?

So who is this Zumbo guy?

No, citizen, you are not allowed to protect what is yours

Difficult to believe, but apparently true

Why you do your own homework

Another year passes

Meet the new boss

OK, then

"Another week of this and it'll be full-on Thunderdome out here."

Why should Big Brother have all the fun?

Stupid is as stupid does

Let's go to the range

The face of socialized medicine

Take a test

Revenue enhancement is not only a US concept

Welcome to these new United States

Didn't we used to talk about guns around here?

And then a miracle occured

You've got to be kidding me


I wouldn't bet on it

Nothing changes

The Brady Bunch's collective (ist) heads have just exploded

The FBI knows your face

US Debt tops $16 trillion

You're doing it right

Fourth Amendment? Meh.

A step in the right direction

I shall now issue my endorsement for President of the United States

I didn't know that was possible

But why wouldn't I secure my guns in my home?

I can't think of a better reason to get fired

Ever wonder where the Bushmaster folks went?

What part of "former" don't you get?

Coolest blog entry I've seen lately

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

Figure it out

And another happy ending

Another happy ending

Un-effing believable

We hate it for you

Anything your car says can and will be used against you in a court of law

Of interest


Free Money!


Going from "too big to fail" to "too broken to save"

I order stuff from Amazon all the time...

Sorry, just not feeling it

We knew it would happen again

Why would I need a gun to go to Walmart?

Guilt by association

"My neighbors across the street can know that I'm a Democrat. I'm not sure I like that."

Strange bedfellows

Just what we need

Conventional wisdom is neither