Saturday, November 26, 2011

Off to the gun show

Well, we will be tomorrow, at any rate. Hello, Hickory!

Not looking for anything in particular, except a magazine or three for the Olympic repro of the Whitney Wolverine. Some Federal Hydrashok ammo in .45 ACP. Maybe an interesting book. A good paddle holster for a J-frame Smith.

Like I said, not looking for anything in particular. :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Global Systemic FAIL

(Via the Smallest Minority)

I have a saying that I use a lot. It may not be original to me.

"Being stupid hurts. It's supposed to hurt. The pain teaches you not to be stupid any more."

Decades of taking the wealth of the productive class and transferring it to the non-productive class can, I firmly believe, be classified as stupid. And the pain is coming soon.

Another of the great SF writers is gone

(Via Middle of the Right)

This is getting to be a depressing thing, my occasional noting of the science fiction writers whom I have read and who are now going to write no more.

The latest is Anne McCaffrey. I read a number of her Pern novels along with The Ship Who Sang. I haven't read any of her work in a very long time, as my tastes have changed over the years. However, I'm always going to remember afternoons on the back porch, reading her and the others.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Proof that age <> wisdom

"Those with criminal intent are not going to be deterred by placing a sign at the front door or by declaring the prohibition of concealed weapons."

Now, those of us who have been fighting for our rights for a couple of decades could all tell you that. But those are the words of the 24-year-old mayor of La Crosse, WI, Matt Harter, when he vetoed an ordinance to ban guns from city property. On the down side, it appears that the council can override that veto.

Not only are we winning, but we need to recruit this guy for a run at a higher office.

Methinks thou doest project too much

Read an amazingly juvenile...something...on the subject of guns at the Raleigh News and Observer. Comments seem to be out of order (this is my shocked face), but he conveniently includes his email address. Feel free to prove that gun owners are better people than he.

It seems we've pinned down the difference between liberals and everyone else

(Original link (now broken) aia the Drudge Report)

Everyone else apparently has a conscience. Who'da thunk it?

Monday, November 21, 2011


I've been busy dealing with a real-world feces outbreak, but I have been keeping up with the news. One of the stories that I find endlessly funny is the "failure" of the congressional super-duper committee, which was allegedly going to deal with our lack of fiscal discipline at the national level.

I'm curious--did anyone think this was going to actually work? Politicians are as addicted to spending other people's money as a crack ho is to crack (and usually just about as desperate for their fix). This thing had FAIL written all over it from day one.

It's also been pointed out in various places that the whole $1.2 trillion in cuts over 10 years aren't really cuts--they're simply reductions in the rate of growth of spending.

I'd suggest keeping a very careful eye on things. Addicts will do incredibly stupid and desperate things when their supply is cut off. And they have a year to do it in.