Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Big woop

OK, so the big Emergency Alert System test was scheduled for 2 PM today, and I made a point of being tuned into a broadcast media outlet for it. And you know what I got a 2 PM?

The local news.

Another well-run government program success story.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

A leading indicator

(News story link via the Drudge Report)

There are certain signs of a civilization in decline. One of the most unmistakeable seems to be a rise in antisemitism. No one really knows the root of the deep-seated hatred aimed at Jews, although many claim to.

They killed Jesus! They have all the money! Rothschilds, Bildeburgers and bears, oh my!

Yeah, not buying the BS, there. If the Jews really ran the world, they are even more incompetent (or if we're to believe some, more Machiavellian) than the Big Zero hisself.

Antisemitism is on the rise in the US, among many other places This is never a good thing, and may well be a harbinger of even worse things to come.

God save us from a future like The Turner Diaries. (Link only for the strong of stomach. I've actually read the book. It is...disturbing in a very profound manner.)