Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meanwhile, in the People's Republic of Massachusetts

Fall holidays are banned as "insensitive". Soon to be followed by a ban on the "Winter Solstice Celebration", no doubt.

Satire to be made illegal?

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Only if it's satire of the TSA. I guess they're getting a bit touchy these days....

We told you the damn thing wouldn't work

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It seems that the socialists are being forced to take a reality break.

But a central design flaw dogged CLASS. Unless large numbers of healthy people willingly sign up during their working years, soaring premiums driven by the needs of disabled beneficiaries would destabilize it, eventually requiring a taxpayer bailout.

After months insisting that could be fixed, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally acknowledged Friday she doesn't see how.

"Despite our best analytical efforts, I do not see a viable path forward for CLASS implementation at this time," Sebelius said in a letter to congressional leaders.

It seems that that whole "free money" thing isn't working out quite the way they thought it would.

I have to wonder just how well the rest of the Obama agenda is going to survive as reality continues to intrude on it. And just how the Man-Child Who Would Be King is going to react when it start unraveling.

The temper tantrums of a US President may not be pleasant.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The best thing you will read today

Most like tomorrow, and the next day; perhaps to the end of the month.
Glen's story.... a cautionary tale for shooters

Read this one carefully. There will be a test--each and every time you handle a gun.

When hoodies are banned...

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Only criminals will have hoodies. Or hats, or helmets.

The Crazy Years indeed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We've been invaded!

By robots! That's it--that's the spaceship looking thing over there!

Seriously, though, it's Roomba 530. With 5 cats and a family who isn't all that hot on picking up after their little "accidents", I had to do something, and this is a lot less work on me than the vacuum.

At the moment, it's ensconced in it's charger. Like Chuck Norris, it doesn't sleep.

It waits.

I'm wicked, I admit it

But did he say it in a high-pitched voice?

The man accused of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner with explosives hidden in his underwear pleaded guilty Wednesday and said the U.S. should "be warned."

It's heating up

I'm not trying to cover the whole Fast and Furious thing; others are doing it far better than I could. However, I do want to bring your attention to this:

Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a subpoena Wednesday to Attorney General Eric Holder as part of his investigation into the gun trafficking operation known as "Fast and Furious."

"Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Holder, know more about Operation Fast and Furious than they have publicly acknowledged," the California Republican said in a statement. "The documents this subpoena demands will provide answers to questions that Justice officials have tried to avoid since this investigation began eight months ago. It's time we know the whole truth."

Here's hoping that when Holder is feeling the pressure good and hard, he rolls over on whoever it was above him that approved this--because there is not way that he dreamed this lunacy up all by his little lonesome.

Paging Dr. Pinero...paging Dr. Hugo Pinero...

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A blood test that is either "a predictor of how long I will live, a waste of time or a handy indicator of how well (or badly) my body is ageing (sic)".

I don't think I'm going to have one anytime soon, thanks all the same.

I guess it isn't breaking and entering if the police do it

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Especially if they have good intentions.

Police were willing to stir-up a little proactive controversy to warn folks they were easy targets for some very busy thieves. Any car doors they found unlocked they opened up and locked themselves for the owner. They admit they did get some angry calls from drivers — who left their keys inside their unlocked cars.

Monday, October 10, 2011

One man's gardening methodology

(Via a Facebook friend)

John Quesenberry moves deliberately along a straight row in his garden.

"This is my tiller," he said as he pulls the point of a pick. His line is straight, but his only guide is experience.

Quesenberry, 81, is stocky and determined. The point of the pick leaves dark soil and gravel in its wake. He does not chip or chop. He just drags the point in a straight line.

He will cover this line with Winston-Salem city leaf compost and then plant in it. Besides the application of lime and fertilizer, there will be no other steps — and his crops look great.

Very cool. If you have enough leaves in your yard, this might be an option for you.

Relevant today

The Feral Irishman says that with a few edits, this could be relevant today. I watched it; I don't even think it needs any edits.

Dear Europe

The market is trying to tell you something. Are you smart enough to listen?

Why Michael Z. Williamson is a professional writer...

and I am not. He sez stuff much mo betta:

Okay, seriously now: Why is your protest doomed to fail? Because you're not too bright, not too dedicated, have no coherent position, and are shallow and lazy, as well as enjoying a standard of living that 99% (See what I did there?) of the people on Earth can only dream about. You can't pay your student loans? That mother of 8 in Bangladesh totally sympathizes. You have a car, but it's tough to make payments on time? That guy in Zimbabwe with the wheeled cart feels your pain. You had to work overtime? The Egyptian contractors we had overseas understand. If they'd had overtime on top of their 72 hour workweeks, they'd have been sad.

Your attitude, intellect, self-chosen education or lack of same, self-created debt and lack of determination won't get you a job as a CEO. It might not get you a job as anything.

An NC tradition continues

After a lot of uncertainty, the NC State Fair's Turkey Shoot will go on.

"Atlas Shrugged" was a Warning, not a Manual: The Equalization of Opportunity Act

I've titled this particular post "The Equalization of Opportunity Act", because that is what they really want. Local example:

"The ultimate point of this is that 1 percent of the nation holds a vast majority of the money," said Joe Wood, 21, a student from Charlotte who plans to protest through the week. "

In their world view, you can only be allowed just so much wealth, then it must be confiscated and redistributed so that others can have wealth. They don't understand that wealth is not finite, but infinite, dependent on only the sum of the abilities and efforts of us all, and that it can't be given--only earned.

Of course, when you lack ability and aren't willing to put out the effort, you aren't going to have wealth--you're going to find yourself living in a tent behind the former city hall. Fortunately it's going to be cool and rainy tomorrow, so I suspect the protestors will be back in their dorm rooms and their parents' homes, raiding the refrigerator.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Something to think about

SurvivalBlog labels this article on thieves stealing from community garden as a "sign of the times". and it is likely that. However, it's also something that those of us who favor preparedness need to consider now.

Picture this--TS has HTF and you've used your stored food, maybe some hunting and fishing, perhaps even some scavenging from abandoned homes and businesses and you've gotten through that first year. Spring came, and you have turned your small practice/hobby garden into a garden meant to feed your family.

Except you get up one morning and it's been raided--a big chunk of the food you were counting on to get you through the winter, the next spring and see you to the next harvest is gone.

You've taken the precautions discussed in various garden forums (You were smart enough to look this all up back when there was an Internet and electricity on tap, right?), and a careful examination doesn't show any prints from hooves or small animal feet. Instead it shows prints from a pair of heavily worn work boots, 2 or 3 different pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of shoes that you can't identify, but are pretty sure weren't worn by Bambi.

Sure, you're going to rant and rage, and you may even go after the thieves and be successful at it. But it would have been much easier if you had simply thought about this sooner and had taken precautions.

I can think of several, ranging from 24 hour guards), tripwires attached to cans with pebbles in them/mousetraps attached to cheap marine flares and less pleasant measures based on your knowledge of old Viet Cong booby traps. Dogs might also be a possibility, either in the garden (and magically trained not to destroy the thing) or kept nearby to provide warning via the bark mechanism.

All of these have pluses and minuses. Best to consider them now when it isn't a subject of life or death.

Quick thinking

OK...pop quiz.

How many of you would be able to think of this while struggling for your life? Good to know that the worst damage was a broken thumb.

Not hardly

Wall Street Protesters Want World to Know They're Just Like Us

Really? I can disprove that in one second...

I can't show up on weekdays to protest...BECAUSE I EFFING WORK FOR A LIVING!

I could also say, with equal correctness, that I'm not an aging hippy trying to relive my youth.

What a hopeless, sad group. They'll be the ones piteously whining that they're starving to death when those gigantic corporate food producers are put out of business because they're cruel, heartless and killing the other 99%.

Freaking loons.