Saturday, February 12, 2011

You're on your own for the rest of the day

And I'd appreciate it if ya'll kept things together while I'm busy. Me, Son and Mountain Man (who really needs to attend to that blogging thing more often) are on our way to the Wilkesboro Gun Show.

Maybe we could just leave it shut down?

A government shutdown is on the table if Congress fails to reach an agreement on spending cuts, a freshman GOP congressman told Fox News on Friday, making him one of the few Republicans to publicly raise the possibility.

“I think nothing's off the table at this point,” Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina said, warning that uncontrolled spending will inevitably lead to an impasse -- and ultimately a shutdown.

“Can the American government sustain the level of spending that we have today?” Scott asked. “There's no question that a shutdown is coming, whether we do it today or whether we do it in 20 years.”

While I'm sure there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the statists out there, the last time this happened, I didn't really note any problems in my life. Neither did any of the folks I ever asked.

A Federal "shut down" hardly is what the name implies, as such "necessary" activities such as law enforcement, national defense and the like continue on. Perhaps we could get a list of the activities that are curtailed by this shut down business, and since they aren't "necessary", shut them down permanently?

Just thinkin' out loud here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Perhaps the Tea Party is doing some good after all

I have to admit, after some early back-pedaling by certain Tea Party backed elected officials, I was ready to write them off en masse. Current events are indicating that I may have been premature in that judgment.

While the old-school Republicans are intent on business as usual (you know, sort of like a home seller that gives a fresh coat of paint to a house where the wiring and plumbing are substandard and the roof leaks), it seems that others are trying to actually forcing them to move toward fixing things, at least after a fashion.

Looking to put the discord behind them, Republican leaders on Thursday outlined $26 billion in additional spending cuts after an earlier proposal was decried as too timid by more conservative members of the caucus. The latest proposal pushes spending down to 2008 levels, which Republicans had vowed to reach.

Of course, I'd rather see 1908 levels of spending, which, even if adjusted for inflation, would trim the government back to something we could live with. And if we could do it without the adjustment...oh, be still my beating heart!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Uh...excuse me?

Oddest search term I can recall ever showing up in the stats:

"tommy haddock" bojangles god

I got nothing here....

Happy Birthday

Mr. President. Dang, but I miss you.

Interesting data point

I wish I could remember where, but someone on my blog roll recently started a discussion on Kimber pistols and their reliability--or lack thereof. I stayed out of it because I don't own a Kimber; my taste in 1911s runs toward Springfields. But now I have something interesting to add to that discussion.

ALE director John Ledford said the Kimber pistols repeatedly suffered such problems as rounds jamming during training exercises, broken sights and the weapon's safety button sometimes falling off. He made a deal with a local firearms dealer to swap the pricey pistols for less expensive handguns without spending any additional money.

The short version is that they were purchased in 2009 and the 150 pistols issued to 112 ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement) agents and 22 reserve agents had 289 documented malfunctions during training. Not something that would engender faith in your weapon if you're in law enforcement, I'd think. I know a a concealed carry licensee I wouldn't carry one for self-defense if I was experiencing reliability issues on this scale.

There is also an amusing story-within-a-story about ALE's multiple bulk gun purchases, prices paid and so on. It seems that they change duty weapons a lot for some reason. I guess the money has to be spent somewhere.

Edit, 1008: A shout out to redclay, who also forwarded me this story via email. Good sir, that is a first for this blog, and I thank you.