Saturday, January 29, 2011

And here we go

Fellow gunnies, here is how the anti-freedom forces, enabled by our old friends from BATFE, are going to try and get our guns this time--shotguns first. Now bear in mind, it isn't just those e-e-evil magazine-fed Saigas they're concerned about--those nasty tube-fed shotguns can be reloaded even faster.

In regard to sporting purposes, the working group found no appreciable difference between integral tube magazines and removable box magazines. Each type allowed for rapid loading, reloading, and firing of ammunition. For example, “speed loaders” are available for shotguns with tube-type magazines. These speed loaders are designed to be preloaded with shotgun shells and can reload a shotgun with a tube-type magazine in less time than it takes to change a detachable magazine.

ZOMG!!! Teh Evil is all arounds us!!!

The Way of the Multigun takes Michael Bane's initial postings and runs with them. It's worth a visit, because he speaks from the perspective of the shooting competitor.

Now, this sorta wookie-suiter is gonna get his tin-foil hat on. Read this paragraph from the study:

The USPSA currently reports approximately 19,000 members that participate in shooting events throughout the United States.32 While USPSA’s reported membership is within the range of members for some other shotgun shooting organizations,33 organizations involved in shotgun hunting of particular game such as ducks, pheasants and quail indicate significantly more members than any of the target shooting organizations.34 Because a determination on the sporting purpose of practical shooting events should be made only after an in-depth study of those events, the working group determined that it was not appropriate to use this shotgun study to make a definitive conclusion as to whether practical shooting events are “sporting” for purposes of section 925(d)(3). Any such study must include rifles, shotguns and handguns because practical shooting events use all of these firearms, and a change in position by ATF on practical shooting or “police/combat-type” competitions may have an impact on the sporting suitability of rifles and handguns. Further, while it is clear that shotguns are used at certain practical shooting events, it is unclear whether shotgun use is so prevalent that it is “generally recognized” as a sporting purpose. If shotgun use is not sufficiently popular at such events, practical shooting would have no effect on any sporting suitability determination of shotguns.

Therefore, it would be impractical to make a determination based upon one component or aspect of the practical shooting competitions.

Read the part I've helpfully bolded. Now read it again.

I posted a comment on Michael Bane's blog earlier that it sounded to me like the boys in F Troop might be coming after all shotguns over .410 by re-categorizing them as "destructive devices". It looks like I may be guilty of not thinking big enough.

I have to wonder if not only do they want to get all shotguns, but they're going to try for all imported guns as an added bonus by saying that the sorts of things they're used for aren't "sporting".

I also think that there may also be a move against certain types of shooting competitions that are going to be painted as some sort of "practice" for...something. Hell, if I shot in paintball tournaments I'd be getting worried right now.

"Tactical" may turn into the new fastest way to receive more attention from The AurthoritIs than you want. Own an old pair of BDU pants or a new pair of cargo pants? Sir, you'll have to come with me.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Senator Moron Moran thinks we don't like Obama because he's a hyphenated-American. What so hard about believing that it's his politics rather than his skin? Transference, anyone?

I guess it never occured to Kate Walsh

That, given her background as a pregnant teenager and too-young mom, Bristol Palin might be a better spokeswoman for abstinence than someone who has not had to pay the price for early sexual activity?

Oh well, not to worry, the vaunted Liberal tolerance for other viewpoints has successfully torpedoed the younger Palin's appearance. Another win for ignorance and bigotry.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And now for something completely different

Back in the day (ahem) I was one of those Jeff Foxworthy types--"We may be starvin' but we got tunes!" I had a 7' tall set of shelves that held it all, including several hundred albums. (For you youngins out there, albums are what we had before CDs and way before the Intertubz showed up and morons compressed music into MP3s with all the audio range of the average primal scream. Now get off my lawn!)

A while back, you may remember that I negotiated a trade for a Pioneer SX-1250. I was looking around for some information on other Pioneer recievers, and the boys at Audio Karma recommended I visit the Silver Pioneer Reference site.

Mrs. Freeholder has decreed that I wipe up all the drool on my desk as soon as I finish looking....

The South Will Rise Again?

Not quite, but as Mark Twain once remarked "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

Please also note the Southern Poverty Pimp Center's remarks about the League of the South. One of theses days, I hope to be there when that bunch of lying opportunists hits the ground.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You have got to love...

Any state that wants to have an official gun. Bonus points for it being John Moses Browning's bestest pistol.

State of the Union address?

(Via the Drudge Report)

For the record, no, I didn't actually watch it. I decided that the highlight reels and transcript would be as much as my blood pressure could stand. So after digesting those, it seems like last night was more like Ricardo Montalban saying "Welcome to Fantasy Island!" than an actual report on how things are going in this country. We're able to freeze spending yet spend more, those evil earmarks are going to go away and we're going to be bipartisan some more. Next thing you know, all our kids are going to be above average, too.

As far as I'm concerned, this speech was exactly what I expected--content free. No real specifics were stated, so when 2012 comes along he can lie about his (dubious) achievements even more and get reelected. (Not that it will be that difficult, given the retreads the media and the Republican establishment are pushing.)

A number of gunnies were afraid that the Big O was going to call for some sort of firearm or related restrictions in the wake of the shooting in Arizona, but that didn't come forth as far as I can tell. That is probably because this guy is way smarter than we want to give him credit for. Watch for the real moves against our rights to come via regulation rather than legislation.

Rest easy, America, we're in for more of the same. Hey, could someone lend me a hand moving these deck chairs?