Sunday, November 27, 2011

AAR--the Hickory Gun Show, Son and Old Buddy (Look! A new character!) journeyed to Hickory, NC to hit the Hickory Gun Show. Even though it meant getting up early on a Sunday (an unnatural act for me if there ever was one) and driving 90 minutes, it was worth it.

Because I got 60 rounds of 6.5 x 53R ammo for my Dad's Dutch Mannlicher! Hens' teeth are more common. 40 rounds is original military Berdan primed nasty old corrosive stuff, 20 rounds is new (-ish) production Boxer primed. I'm hoping the old stuff will generate useable brass when disassembled. Even if it is Berdan, it can be reloaded if you're willing to go through the trouble. And if the brass is useable. We'll see how it goes.

I'm willing to do it for this gun. Not just because it was my Dad's, but because of the story behind it. Somewhere in Europe during World War II, that gun was used to kill a GI, one of the men in my Dad's unit. My Dad killed the guy using it and relieved him of the gun, then toted the thing around until he could get it back home. So this gun comes with some amazing baggage both good and bad.

The wood is banged up, the bore is pitted beyond belief, but the few times I've been able to shoot it it has been highly accurate and quite pleasant to shoot.

But that's neither here nor there. I'd keep this gun without a single piece of useable brass or a round of ammunition. The reason is the same reason I like old guns--it has a story. And unlike so many of the old guns I own, I know this gun's story. And that is precious beyond words.

I was also fortunate enough to pick up an holster for J frame that needed one from a local source I didn't know was out there, MTR Custom Leather. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of design or features, just a good solid holster at a good price. This one is for having the J-frame handy when around the house, should I feel the need.

So all that, plus an excellent burger for lunch. Made for a pretty good day.

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SciFiJim said...

If you can't get berdan primers, all is not lost with that brass. It is possible to convert it to boxer priming. The following link describes the method.