Friday, April 29, 2011

You're doing it wrong

I'd like to thank Michael Willis for making all of us with concealed carry permits look bad. While I appreciate his trying to take care of his kid, setting up your own drug sting and carrying a gun onto school property is not how you do it.

But he also says, he would do it again to defend his daughter.

"I am just a father who cares. I'm not a criminal, and I shouldn't be treated like one," Willis said.

Way to not learn from your mistakes. And yes, you are a criminal, idiot. You took a gun onto school property, which is a felony. So goodbye permit, goodbye gun, goodbye civil rights, hello prison time.

Next time, call the police. You aren't one; this is their job. Let them do it.

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Mtn Man said...

People tend to forget just how good the bad guys are at working the legal system. You ever wonder how many drug dealers use schools as a meeting place to insure that nobody else has a gun? I have to wonder if that is why the bad guy 'turned in.'