Monday, February 14, 2011

Supid anti-gun idea #4,895,432

A Connecticut lawmaker wants to create the country's first state registry for people convicted of gun crimes, a proposal he says will help police track and deter repeat offenders. Opponents worry it'll be a costly, unnecessary and excessive step.

State Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney got the idea from several cities, including New York and Baltimore, which already have instituted gun-offender registries.

The guy's name is "Looney"? I take that as proof that not only does God have a sense of humor, but that he's on our side as well.

This is one of the ideas pushed by the alleged "Mayors Against Illegal Guns". (No linky for you.) Despite Looney's protestations that "...early evidence suggests the established programs are having a "deterrent" effect," I can't find any sign of actual research to point to that--and you know that if they had any, they'd be trumpeting it all over their captive media. No, this is another version of "everyone knows" and "common sense gun control".

And as we gunnies all know, the first is a lie and the second isn't true.

Connecticut gunnies, I hope you can beat this bad idea back into the hole it crawled out of. Good luck.

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Cynyr said...

Our governor in Tennessee was a member of that organization as a mayor, then "saw the light", dropped out and became a Life Member of the NRA. I still couldn't vote for the bastard. I wrote in my name.

Pero has chronicles another stupid idea here.