Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a conspiracy

Dear podcasters of the world: Not everyone owns a freaking iPod, thus, not everyone used iTunes. If you only make your work available via iTunes, i gonna Tune you out. While I like Apple's products in many ways, I am not about to lock myself into their architecture and try to make my tech life revolve around their whimsical decisions just to get your podcast.

Of course, if I could just make my current MP3 player appear as a drive letter on my PC, none of this would be an issue, because I could just copy the freaking MP3s to my freaking player. But now everyone is all pants-wetty because ZOMG someone may use that as a way to bypass freaking copyright, so nothing I plug in, whether it's my new snapshot camera or my old MP3 player, can be a drive letter. We must all submit to running our snapshots and podcasts through their software so that they can be sure we're not stealing the latest retread song by the latest electronically-enhanced pop star wannabe. Like it's worth stealing in the first place.

I guess we are all thieves now--we're damn sure being treated like them.

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Linoge said...

What make/model of MP3 player / camera do you use? There are probably workarounds, not the least of which is removing their memory cards and having the computer access them directly.

That said, I agree completely - if something is only available on iTunes, I will make do without.