Friday, December 24, 2010

Winding down

The house is clean, the food is ready. The fire's going in the wood stove and guests are on the way.

All of us at The Freehold would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. We hope that you are all safe, warm and ready for Santa to make his yearly visit tonight.

Who really cares

What the poverty/racism pimps think? Does anyone outside their own echo chamber actually listen to their drivel?

Now of course, if they could be sued, you know, for hate speech.... :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More like a season of give-aways, greed and stupidity

The Big O, in a rush to salvage Christmas in Hawaii, tossed the following over his shoulder as he was running for the chopper:

"Instead this has been a season of progress for the American people," Obama said. "This has been the most productive post-election period we've had in decades, and it comes on the heels of the most productive two years that we've had in generations."

What a crock. We have more budget busting legislation (Hey, I'm a fan of the 9/11 first responders and workers, but enough is enough) and a bad deal to keep tax rates from rising (mostly; as long as you don't die soon). We did manage to kill the foolish NIGHTMARE DREAM Act (at least for now). We have no real budget yet, months after it should have been finished.

The Senate, to no one's surprise, approved another bad "arms reduction" treaty. Well, at least we're so broke we can't contemplate war in Europe any time soon. Who knows, maybe the Europeans will get worried and tend to their own defense for a change.

In what may be a surprise to many of you, the end of Don't Ask-Don't Tell doesn't bother me. Last I checked, they bleed red too. But then again, I support women in combat if they can pass the same physical and mental tests as men.

We had a great chance to make a strong start on getting Washington under control, and it's been wasted. While I can hope that the next Congress may do better, I have serious doubts. Until we flush out all of the old school politicians who are allegedly on our side, it's going to be more of the "same ol', same ol'".

Remember, November is Coming. We have another 1/3 of the Senate and a lot of House members that need to leave. Get cracking.

Just shaking my head

(Via the Drudge Report)

A 5 inch snow and an entire continent is paralyzed for days? Doesn't speak well for their ability to, oh, survive a currency crisis, now does it?

Gee, even my part of North Carolina only shuts down for 3 days for that amount of snow. :-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Demonstrating a decided lack of Christmas spirit

(From The Email List That Shall Not Be Named)

I feel so sorry for the poor and starvin' of Macon, Georgia. NOT.

Perhaps Raymeica Kelly needs to turn off the electric heater and the big screen TV (thereby turning off the xBox as well) and then her freaking power bill won't be so high. Maybe she should consider selling them to pay the current bills and hold down the future ones.

Someone explain to me how you are considered "poor" when you have all those toys? I though that "poor" meant you had to choose between eating and rent? That you walked, hopped rides or took a bus rather than owning a car? That the place you lived was hot in the summer, cold in the winter and leaked all the time? I mean, that was what poor meant when I was a kid.

These people are not poor. They're something I've heard called "useless eaters"--they contribute nothing to society, other than keeping the social workers employed. They exist to suck up the excess dollars that those of us who actually work at something useful generate.

Yeah, I'm going to get a lump of coal in my stocking, for sure.

Kudos to the photographer. That picture just had to be done that way to get out the real story. I'm convinced of it.

Difficult becomes impossible

Remember when I said I'd never buy a GM vehicle because "our" government had stolen the company from it's rightful owners, and that sentiment went for Chrysler as well?

Now I have to wonder if Ford should be off the table as well. Even more importantly, why was Ford not stolen in the same way as GM and Chrysler?

There are entirely too many questions and too few answers. At least I can be fairly certain that the free market isn't any longer.

OK, it's easier if you understand this simple fact

It isn't about safety, it's about revenue.

There. All better now?

Just throw everything at them and see what sticks

(Via the Drudge Report)

10 high school students who like to wear Christmas sweaters and sing are in trouble with their idiot school system for tossing out candy canes.

*sigh* Yet more homegrown terrorists....

As for the administrators, here's hoping the entire effing coal mine winds up crammed in their...stockings. I'd hate to be their kids at this time of year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Free for Christmas

Brian Aitken, a political prisoner of the State of New Jersey, got that wish today courtesy of Gov. Chris Christie. For those of you who haven't followed the story, Brian was wrongly (as far as this non-lawyer can tell) of violating the Byzantine conglomeration that is New Jersey's firearms laws.

Way to go, Gov. Christie--and thanks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stupid tech ideas

(Via Timebomb 2000)

Apparently taking their cue from OnStar, Intel decides to put a remote kill switch in their next generation processors. Unfortunately, they probably aren't going to have the safeguards that OnStar employs to prevent the misuse of this feature.

Just wait until the first Bulgarian hacker figures out how to send a "universal" kill command over the 3G network and shuts down a few hundred thousand (or few million) PCs. The lawsuits that result will bankrupt Intel.

I've read several folks saying that they're going to solve this by deleting Windows and installing their favorite Linux distro. Yo, genius! This is built into the microcode of the CPU, not the operating system. Install whatever OS you want; it will make no difference.

I think I may have to upgrade to whatever the chip is just before Intel introduces this little lunacy and then wait out the inevitable. Or maybe make friends with AMD. {{shudder}} It's either that, pr pray that someone at Intel suddenly has a moment of sanity....