Thursday, December 16, 2010

How many more days until these jerks go home?

It would seem that the lame-ass duck session of Congress is turning into a ship of fools, blindly cruising the harbor hoping to run into a place to dock.

Right now, I blame the Republican leadership for not keeping their troops in line (*cough* *cough* Scott Brown *cough*) just as much as I blame the Democrats for trying to take advantage of their last chance to ram their tax and spend agenda down the country's throat. Tax cuts that aren't, spending increases that shouldn't be, treaties we don't need. Ar-r-r-ugh!

And the Republicans are doing precious little to stop any of it. They should be being as obstructionist as hell, but it seems they're more concerned about how the media will paint them (as if they stand a chance at a fair assessment from the media) than they are about heeding the words of the American people. Let me give you people a hint--those of us who are going to cause you trouble from now on don't care what the media says about you one way or the other. We're judging you on you actions--or the lack thereof.

Ya'll just keep it up. The anger that fueled the rise of the Tea Parties is still simmering right along. It wasn't all used up in the 2010 elections--there's still plenty to use the next time around.

Perhaps that's why they keep passing unemployment benefit extensions--they're afraid they'll need them for themselves.

F Troop is at it again

According to the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, BATFE is now interesting in a new reporting requirement if you buy multiple long guns in a 5 day period. While this should require an act of Congress (and might run afoul of the Heller decision to boot), the Obama-led BATFE thinks they "may" be able to do it without all that messy process getting in the way.

We were warned before November's repudiation of Obama & Co. at the polls that they would simply move their focus from legislation to regulation. This and actions such as the Gulf oil drilling ban show the prognosticators were correct. We need to get the word on this out to the rest of the gun culture and put a quick halt to this one.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Much ado about nothing

Stratfor makes the case that, for all the hoopla about Wikileaks and their release of a gazillion diplomatic cables, it is the equivalent of a bucket of warm spit. Interesting reading.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the winner of the 2010 Not Getting It Award is...

US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Breyer, who managed to edge out the front-running Republican Party with a late round of asshatism, has been unavailable for comment.

The NGI Award Committee is aware of the dangers of premature awarding, but feels that, in this case, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to exceed the quantity and quality of Justice Breyer's latest effort.

In related news, Santa Claus has announced that, in an effort to promote green Christmas gifts, Justice Breyer will receive a quantity of reindeer shit, similar in size and weight to the traditional lump of coal. This "green gift" will not add to CO2 emissions and is fully biodegradable. This gift is certified to be produced by native animals who are part of a Fair Trade cooperative.

Santa says that there is no truth to the rumors that it will be delivered in a flaming bag on Justice Breyer's front porch.