Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Saturday night...

And obviously, you have nothing to do, since you've just happened by here.

Allow me to present you with something that will take up your entire evening, and be worth the time.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Do what?

How do you have a "Summer of Recovery" that ends in a "soft landing"? "Recovery" means things are getting better; "soft landing" means that a crash has been averted and that things are getting no worse.

The evidence that I see points to neither. Barring some serious change (of the non-Hope-n- variety), we're at best pausing and waiting to see what comes next.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No inflation?

On average, our basic food costs have increased by an incredible 48% over the last year (measured by wheat, corn, oats, and canola prices). From the price at the pump to heating your stove, energy costs are up 23% on average (heating oil, gasoline, natural gas). A little protein at dinner is now 39% higher (beef and pork), and your morning cup of coffee with a little sugar has risen by 36% since last October.

Don't trust the government numbers, no matter which side is preparing them. They lie.

Eric Scott

In case you haven't been following the story of Eric Scott on your own, the Confederate Yankee has a recap with commentary for you.

And here we are...

We are 6ish days out from The Day We Begin To Take America Back. Or the day we fail to do so, and pull up our lawn chairs for a front row view of What Happens at the End of a Superpower.

Yes, I do believe that it's that simple.

Yeah, sure, every election is important. However, in my 32 years of being eligible to vote, I can not recall a time in which I felt that everything was at stake. They've been important, like voting that fool Carter out of office, or '94 when Bill Clinton got the political message of "No further, Bubba". But

Today's Drudge Report front page doesn't help me any. Multiple stories on apparent ballot fraud and voter disenfranchisement. The Big O and his Secretary of State taking it on the lam. Vote buying. I feel like I woke up in a poorly run Banana Republic.

People, if you don't want to wake up in that place for real, get out and vote. Early voting is still on in most places that allow it, and November 2 is next Tuesday. Don't let it be said that you were AWOL when we started retaking our country.

Edit, 1654: Jerry Pournelle calls this a "maximum effort" election. I agree.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Obviously, they haven't been to the grocery store lately

In its most recent CPI report for food, the USDA reported that prices are expected to rise in 2011.

I guess the rise in food prices I've seen over recent months was a figment of my imagination. That makes my wallet feel so much better.

But all snarkiness aside, this ought to be a big wake up call for anyone who is reading this and doesn't already have a deep pantry or a full-on food storage plan. Even if you aren't worried about a future supply disruption, look at the money you can save simply by buying items in quantity when they're on sale--especially the seasonal sales.

That's how I sold Mrs. Freeholder on the concept. And now she's been able to see not only how much we save, but the added convenience of "Oh, I don't have ingredient X for tonight's supper, so I have to run to the store" has also made an impression. Not to mention the occasional time when schedules dictate no trip to the store this week. Or times when something like ground chuck not only isn't available at a reasonable price but is hardly available an an unreasonable one.

And if anyone asks, I ain't seen Chuck in two weeks. You see him, send him around 'cause he owes me 20 bucks. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Coming soon to a police state near you

Backscatter vans.

I guess that whole 4th Amendment thing just isn't a big deal any more.