Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asked; more or less answered

Ye Old Furt asked a question in his comment on yesterday's post on the lawsuit against The Armed Citizen:

Who are the people behind Righthaven that are responsible for this crap?

It's kind of hard to know, but I did a brief bit of lunch-time research and came up with this:

Righthaven's website is what as known as a "parked domain"--someone bought the domain name and it goes to some more-or-less anonymous server which gives you a page that says "This domain parked at some ISP".

As far a people, the names I've found are "esquires" (read lawyers) named Steven A. Gibson (Nevada Bar No. 6656; and J. Charles Coons Nevada Bar No. 10553;

According to a Wired Magazine article, their business plan is to buy up copyrights and sue people.

So basically,my take on who you're dealing with here are the sort of lawyers to give the honest and honorable practitioners of the profession a bad name.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have been remiss

I assumed that everyone + dog would be flogging the story of The Armed Citizen being sued by a lickspittle company which apparently exists solely to sue people in flimsy copyright cases. After a troll through the blogroll, I find that I am wrong, wrong, oh so wrong.

What's up with my fellow gunbloggers? You folks afraid of getting sued? Afraid Lickspittle and Co. is gonna sic the dogs of law on you (as opposed to siccing the LawDog on you, which would be a much more serious problem)? Did you miss the story? What? Why the silence? Look, we, as the gun culture, have stood up to the Brady Bunch, fought the ATF to a standstill, and made Barack Obama the Gun Salesman of the Year. What is a bunch of opportunists to us?

Write a blog post about this then go help a brother out, why don't you?

Call 'em tests or call 'em proofs

(Via Roberta X)

They're still going to be useful for enlightening the unenlightened.

The Pantry Test

The Jews in the Attic Test

Sunday, August 08, 2010

We used to talk about guns on this blog

But with Daughter in college, the concept of buying guns or shooting a lot has been relegated to the level of mythology, along with things like expensive meals out, vacations and new cars.

However, I can still drool.

If you need a laugh

(Via Monday Through Friday)

I gots one for you.

The Republicans are nearly as out of touch as the Democrats

We should consider ending the foolish concept of birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens? Just consider it?

It should buried with a stake driven through its heart.

It should be drawn and quartered, burned at the stake and beheaded.

Considered my Aunt Fanny.

I have yet to figure out why, unless you actually want to encourage this behavior that you would...permit...this...sort...of...thing....

Oh. Now I get it. Duh.