Saturday, May 01, 2010


Last week, Friday I think, Rush Limbaugh had a ton of fun at the Big O's expense, taking him to task for the Fiddlin' Government's slow response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He pointed out the leftists' hypocrisy in their reactions toward Bush 43 after Hurricane Katrina and their lack of reaction toward Obama's failings in the current over-hyped "crisis". (I mean, really--sending Janet Napolitano to the coast? What was she supposed to do--scare it away with her looks?) He really hammered El Prez for not going down to show his solidarity with The People Who Are Effected.

So now Dear Leader is headed to the Gulf of Mexico.

Rush, do you think you might ask him to resign? I mean, you got him to do this....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As California sinks further into the abyss

You would think that local governments might want to prepare to a possible state bankruptcy and the problems that would cause.

Instead, they discuss banning toys in McDonald's Happy Meals.

Why do I have the overwhelming urge to go slap a hippy?

Show trial?

More like a kangaroo court, if you ask me.

Sen. Carl Levin accused a Goldman Sachs executive Tuesday of knowingly "trying to sell a sh---y deal" to investors, as the Senate's hearing into the Wall Street giant's investment practices kicked off with all the trappings of a show trial.

Demonstrating an utter (and perhaps, willful) ignorance of just how the trading profession actually works, Goldman execs were blamed for everything from the Kennedy assassination to tulipomania being terrible people who were perfectly willing to make a buck off of a government-mandated melt-down being capitalists being evil greedsters making money ...well, they were blamed for something involving feces and a lot of spittle. The word "unethical" was thrown around a lot, too.

Goldman isn't my favorite bunch, and I'm leery of just how how many of their people work in the Feral Government at this point in time. I'm terribly curious about their role in the collapse of Lehman Brothers as well. I have to wonder if they haven't walked up to the line, dropped trou and mooned us multiple times.

But this was as shameful a spectacle as I've ever seen come out of a Senate hearing. If I were a US Senator, I'm not sure I'd want to tell my friends.

I also note that the overall stock market has taken note of this episode today. down 150 on the Dow Industrials as I write. Take that, Wall Street! Along with numerous small investors, 401(k) plans and pension funds all over the USA. More than a few billion in wealth has just evaporated to fuel Sen. Levin's ego and the Duplicitous Party of the Donkey's lust for absolute control.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Invaluable lessons

(Link via Anarchangel)

Found in a semi-random morning blog-walk: Surviving the World. Some thing that you can read, smile about and nod your head. Just the thing for a quiet Sunday morning after a noisy Saturday alarm install.