Thursday, April 01, 2010

PT Barnum had it right

I am amazed at how easy it is to fool some people. I know I shouldn't be, but I am.

Yesterday, President Obama announces a plan to "Drill, baby, drill!" for oil of the East Coast of the US. Of course, the West Coast is too "sensitive"--read, too many voters who are as yet are still in love with their little tin god--for drilling, so it's exempted, as is Alaska. Got to get in a lick at Palin, who may or may not be a contender for his position, don'tcha know.

Predictably, there are some "conservatives" who are just all a-gush over this. I heard one supposedly conservative host on a local talk station who was apparently well on the way to hurting herself trying to pat the Big O on the back for his action. "He's finally listening to us!"

You idiots.

He isn't listening to you, he's playing you. He is in trouble over the health care bill, and he knows it. His sales pitch is falling flat. The economy is stubbornly refusing to reflate for him. And he thinks he now has a chance to cram some more stuff down our throats, like Cap and Trade, which could raise the energy bill for the average household around $3000 per year.

And you morons are going along with it. Every time the leftists/statists shove something down our throats, they give you some pathetic bone in an attempt to take the edge off the anger they've generated. And always, far too many from the Stupid Party are happy to take it, make some inane comments that they hope will make them look statesman like and go on selling out our Constitution and our posterity.

Don't prove PT Barnum right--don't be a sucker. See what is being done for what it is--a cynical ploy to help you forget what's just been done to you over health care. Stay focused on the goal, which is to hound these people from office and from public life.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is something new

A review of movie reviews. If you've never met someone who fled Castro's Cuba, this review of Andy Garcia's "The Lost City" will lead you in unexpected directions.

What Greece means to you

John Mauldin, who is one of the people I listen to on economics and the economy, has written a letter to his kids: "What does Greece mean to me, Dad?" It's a bit long and well worth your time.

I will note, however, that I do not completely agree with him. John is a serious optimist; he believes that we will pull through this as an economy, because we always have before. I believe he is substantially discounting the fact that our economy is much less "free" to do the things that need to be done (in terms of debt reduction and new economic activity) than ever before in our history.

Remember, past performance does not guarantee future returns.