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And in the headlines...

Shalom, Aaron

Slipping down that slippery slope

Of course they are

Could the TSA be a self-solving problem?

And now we know

Not getting the message, part n

Get my broker on the phone!

Winding down

Who really cares

Order! Ve vill haf Order!

More like a season of give-aways, greed and stupidity

Just shaking my head

Demonstrating a decided lack of Christmas spirit

Difficult becomes impossible

OK, it's easier if you understand this simple fact

Just throw everything at them and see what sticks

Free for Christmas

Stupid tech ideas

How many more days until these jerks go home?

F Troop is at it again

Much ado about nothing

And the winner of the 2010 Not Getting It Award is...

So, what does it say

The Four Rules

Revenue enhancement at work

Copyright trolls meet their match?

Been saving this one

Who got hit?

Once again...

Not worth the paper they're printed on?

You better watch out, you better not cry...

Latest from the Department of Hysteria

Not sure...


It's a miracle I didn't get bailed out

Multiple Choice

Knowledge is power

Sure, we can print all you want

"Alcoa and the great North Carolina power grab"

Not much to say

News from the Irish front

Pity it wasn't 3 feet lower

A step behind

It's very simple, actually

A new high in hysteria

North Carolina Republicans--Not Getting the Message, Part "duh"

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Not surprised

OK, this is cool

Rule 1: The gun is always loaded

Won't happen

Well, this Hope isn't even lasting as long a The Big O's

Another one bites the dust

Local folks make good

Almost forgot...

Calling it as I see it

Back from the dead?

The simple solution to TSA abuse

When is a shotgun not a shotgun?

You're only tolerant if you agree with them

Maximizing the take

A big mistake

Sunday funnies

Oh, I could so do this

Here we go

Dateline: Keystone, MO

"Get lost"

What to say

We must reduce the size of government!

"Cameras are going to become a part of life"

Well, I'm surprised

I don't need a gun in my car

Government-think at the local level

You had to know this would show up sooner or later

Another example of "Not getting the message"

Oh look! The Stupid Party is still in business!

Yet another inconvenient truth

"Blue-Colored UFO in Centreville"

This has been on my to-do list for almost a week

Stupid gun store tricks

Has the Fed led us into a liquidity trap?

Counting the cost

Man, how could I have forgotten

Need some cheese to go with that whine?

Rooting for the collapse?

Best blog quotes on the election

Don't tell me that "drunk driving checkpoints" are about getting drunks off the road

Funny but predictable remembered!

November 2nd is here!

I'm curious

No so Green as we were led to believe

Keeping 'em flying

Regulating redbox

Is Hyperinflation on its way?

It's Saturday night...

Do what?

I knew it, I just knew it!

OK for me, but not for thee

No inflation?

Eric Scott

And here we are...

Obviously, they haven't been to the grocery store lately

Coming soon to a police state near you

Harry Reid: Savior of the world

The bottom feeders lose one

"U.S. .Google 2.4% Rate Shows How $60 Billion Lost to Tax Loopholes"

It's back! It's updated!

Better and better

An alternative to the government-approved statistics

OMG!!! It's a gun store!

Gameball from above

The best rant seen on the Intertubz today

Assualt Bacon

I have to bend over how far?

Interesting and useful

"suspicious timing"?

"Things Will Unravel Faster Than You Think"

They've got it all wrong

I fought for you...

Send in the Marines!

One simple act

The memories live on

Our Hero speaks

Poverty stats

Now here's something uplifting

I'll take an extra large Self-Defense pizza to go, please

As Dilbert once said

Taxpayer to Buffett: Get over yourself

We are redeemed!

The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment's final stand

I love this guy