Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas. On this day, be of good cheer and generous spirit. Let out the person that you always wanted to be.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have a little hope

It's always good to remember that all is not gloom and doom. Case in point:

Today was my last day of work until after New Years. It's an annual thing; left over from when I was in college and reinforced from working at a university. It's usually hectic, as I try to be sure that every possible thing that could cause a problem to drag me back to work has been checked. I'll normally be in something less that a Christmas-y mood at the end of it.

So on the way home, the cell phone rings. "We need milk." Check.

In a few minutes, it rings again. "We need mozzarella cheese." Check.

Along the way of my other errands I was running is a small IGA grocery store. I stop there frequently, especially when I need just a few things. It's locally-owned, the money stays here and while always busy, it never seems to take long to get in and out.

On the way in, a 25-ish young woman is just behind me, yakking on her cell phone. This never fails to annoy me, as I couldn't care less about whatever it is that is so incredibly important that you have to talk about it in the middle of the grocery store. That Christmas-y mood recedes further.

I get my milk and my cheese and head to the checkouts. The 25-ish young woman is there, just ahead of me. She has a bag of Ore-Ida frozen hash browns and a pound of Neese's Sausage. The young lady, probably of high school age, running the register scans her items and as Ms. 25-ish swipes a card in the card reader, asks "Credit or debit?"


This is guaranteed to get my interest. You see, I grew up on the poor side of town, a lower-class kid with a blue-collar dad and a stay-at-home mom. I never thought we were poor--heck, I knew poor people. Our house had a real furnace, not a wood stove that we had to scavenge wood scraps from the furniture factories to feed. We weren't poor.

Our neighborhood also had the distinction of being near a "black neighborhood", as my parents, who weren't from the South and would never use "The 'N' Word", called it. The neighborhood grocery store served both poor blacks and poor whites. Then, as now, money was always green. Business sees that color first and all others second.

We got to see the reality of the "welfare Cadillac". Yes, they were real. A big Caddy, the Sedan de Ville being the preferred variant. Usually driven by a woman with several kids in tow, who paid for her groceries with food stamps before driving back to her apartment in a local housing project. You see, we had to drive by that project to get home, so we followed them occasionally. It never failed to get my parents ire.

So, anyway, I scope Ms. 25-ish out. A nail job that, described to my daughter, is deemed to cost at least $75. Big-name logo sweat shirt. Expensive handbag. Several visible body piercings besides the multiples in the ears. The afore-mentioned cell phone, which she had still had in hand as she swiped the card.


The you man, also of high-school age, silently bagged her purchases and handed them to her. Neither wished here a Merry Christmas or requested that she "Have a nice day."

I was the last customer in the line. As she began scanning my items, she started talking, angrily, to the young man. "Did you see that? Name brands! She's on welfare and she's buying name brands of everything!"

When she saw my card, she looked at me. I could see it going through her mind.

"Credit, ma'am."

She smiled, printed the copy for me to sign and slipped it toward me. As I signed it, I just smiled at her and said "Our tax dollars at work."

The young man replied that he worked, why couldn't she? Why should he work so she could spend his money on name brands and body piercings?

Why indeed.

I told him the story of growing up and seeing welfare Cadillacs. He looked at me as if I told him that he had grown another head. I explained it to him.

"But they shouldn't do that!"

No, they shouldn't.

I told them both that if they thought it was bad now, it would get worse over the next few years. I've seen first-hand the results of a increasingly large welfare class, and I'm smart enough to see that that group is once again expanding, grasping hands reaching out for what the producers create.

They both looked at me. I guess that's what "dumbfounded" looks like.

"But it'll get better eventually. Remember this, and remember who you are and how you've gotten ahead of her already. She'll never catch up with you. You'll leave her behind."

The young man had bagged my purchases and slid the bag toward me. Almost in unison, the two young people, the same age as my oldest, said "Merry Christmas!"

I wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and headed out into the cold darkness. But in my heart, the crappy day had lifted. Two young people's anger at injustice had cleared it all away.

Merry Christmas, indeed. I'd just gotten a gift beyond price--that of rekindled hope.

The young--some of them, at any rate--are starting to understand. They have just turned 18, or will soon, and become voters. They'll remember a cold December night and "EBT".

Statists from the left and statists from the right, you'd better start worrying. These kids are smarter than you think, and they're going to figure out soon who has done this to them. They're going to join us "old folks" and send you home.

Perhaps then you can get some honest work, like running a register or bagging groceries. Because the way you've spent us all into the hole, there will be no EBT for you.

le déluge

(Via the Drudge Report)

It would seem that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is having some issues with the phone system in his office.

Well ain't that just too bad.

Perhaps this time it will be different

As the US Senate prepares to drop a lump of coal in our Christmas stocking, Democrat senators are being forced to defend their actions. With only 36% of those polled "mostly supporting" the current bill, it seems that support is becoming lukewarm at best. Give this thing a few more weeks until a conference committee hammers out the details, and the proverbial red-haired stepchild will be getting more love.

Against this background, one of our North Carolina senators, Kay Hagen (Invisible-NC) has resurfaced to defend her support of the Senate version of the proposal as well as the process for getting it to this point.

"I'd say that (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid knows how to get 60 votes, and that was very important to our country in order to move forward with that legislation," sayeth She Who Forgets Who She Works For, correctly.

For indeed, Senator Reid does know how to get those votes--bribery and coercion at a level some say is unconstitutional rather than the merely unethical of politics as usual.

The comments to the Charlotte News and Observer article, already running to 5 pages for an article just up, are entertaining and interesting. I haven't read them all, but I haven't seen a "Good job, Kay!" in those I have. They more along the lines of those of "Pack1977"
Hagan could not stay out of the spotlight and public when running; now no where to be found, located NOR CONTACTED. NO PROBLEM HAGAN. @ re-election, OUR MINDS would be sh shallow and forgotten. I'm told the Hagan's can be found at Greensboro CC for anyone wanting 'a face contact' with her. You can run, hide, not communicate Hagan, the NC voters know your vote is what's best FOR YOU, NOT US. $$$ from outside this state elected you, along with Obama's coattail. That coattail will be cut next election. If anyone knows of a sighting or a place Hagan will be in person, please share with others, so we can 'connnect' with our esteemed senator. Public financing of abortion..right, Hagan, you have NC values!!! Your time is ticking......
While you could wish for a bit more eloquence, the sentiment is unmistakable. The voters are pissed. Very pissed, and it's possible that the political tactic of "Oh, they'll forget about it by the next election," may not work this time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(Via the Drudge Report)

Senate Democrats aren't even ashamed of being whores and pimps

To those of you who live in states other than Nebraska and Louisiana, allow me to point out something: the tax money that is taken from you at the point of a gun is going to these states to buy the votes of two US Senators. In the case of Nebraska, it's going to be going there forever.

For those of you who voted for Democrats for senator in states other than Nebraska and Louisiana--Democrat Senators who are going along with this bit of legalized prostitution--how do you feel? Are you proud of your elected representatives for "fixing health care"? Are you pissed that your senator didn't hold out long enough to bring you some goodies? Or are you starting to have some buyer's regret?

For those of you who opposed this, you may have a chance over Christmas to do something about it. These jerks will be coming home to celebrate their victory the holidays. I doubt they're so stupid as to hold any sort of constituent meetings, but they will be out and about--they're politicians, they won't be able to help themselves. I'd feel free to give them a piece of my mind if I happened to run into them.

Myself, I'm going to be looking for freshman Senator Kay Hagen (Dumbass-NC). My message is going to be simple: I know of 4 votes from people who vote in every election that you will never get. I know 4 voters who will be talking to their friends about how you sold them out. I know at least 2 voters who are going to actively work against your reelection at every turn--one of them a new voter who has never been politically active before. Our intent is to bring you home, permanently.

My friends, what is your intent?

(Edit, 1919: According to Hot Air, the little black book of names is getting longer and longer. I guess people are reading the bill.)

Monday, December 21, 2009

This may come in handy

How To Wipe Your Hard Drive

While you should always wipe the drive/memory of any device your disposing of, you may find yourself in a position where you want to make absolutely sure that the data can't be recovered. This will help you make that happen.