Saturday, December 05, 2009

I hate it when this happens

So how big of a gun geek are you when you start cleaning out the safe and find a rifle you don't remember buying?

I believe it's a Mauser rebarreled to .308. At least it's something I can use....

He's "special"

Two Bettendorf, IA kids discover a revolver in a sewer in their neighborhood. The kids did the right thing by contacting an adult who contacted local law enforcement.

What could have been a tragic accident if the gun was discovered in a more accessible place, this was averted by a couple of kids smart enough to do the right thing.

Too bad we can't say the same thing about the owner of said firearm. You see he's a "special" agent of the BATFE. Noted on paragraph 5 of United States v. G Lindsey as a "firearms expert".

Go read the whole thing. It's really special.

Suicide by cop

As I understand it, there is a well-known phenomena among law enforcement known as "suicide by cop". This is where some cowardly so-and-so who doesn't have the guts to do the deed themselves puts the police in the position of doing the dirty work for them.

Local case in point.

Judging from the information in the story, the police did everything in their power to keep from shooting this kid. The kid, however, was apparently determined to be shot. No one, probably even the kid himself, knows why this happened. Now this cop gets to live with it for the rest of his life. Who knows what the kid's family is going through. Nice way to end it, Courtland.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Obviously, this is impossible

A former student watching basketball tryouts was shot in the leg at a Massachusetts high school Wednesday afternoon, reported.

Let's see..."gun free zone"? Check. Someone gets shot? Check. Both against the law. Massachusetts, a state with strong "gun control" laws? Check.

Someone still got a gun, brought it into a "gun free zone" and shot someone? Check.

At what point do the gun grabbers have to admit to themselves what is obvious to everyone else, that "gun free zones" don't work?

Never! We need more gun control laws!

Just wait for it.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Flashlight porn

OK, so I finally bought myself a hand-held tac light. Now I'm all uber and tacticool and stuff.

Sorry about the cat hair. You live in this house, you get used to it.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm glad I'm not a Progress Energy customer

Because about now, I'd be getting really worried where my electricity was coming from 8 years from now. I wonder what it's like to be politically correct and try to run a profit-making business?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Apparently, the Reality Distortion Field is being overdriven today

And the effects on the Gun Grabbers and other anti-freedom forces is...predictable. Maestro, queue "Dancing in the Blood" in A Flat, please.

There is much in the typing (sorry, but I can't bring myself to call it "writing"), but the number of cherry-picked facts and outright lies (sorry, but I can't bring myself to call them "inaccuracies") is astounding.

As many as there is, this one is my favorite:

But Time magazine tells us:

Each month American Rifleman, the journal of the National Rifle Association, features about a dozen such accounts of armed citizens defending themselves against criminals. Based on newspaper clippings submitted by N.R.A. members, the stories dramatically show how a gun can sometimes prevent a crime and perhaps even save a victim's life.

The only trouble is that is from Time, August, 1989

The NRA's American Rifleman Magazine doesn't feature that news anymore, there isn't any listing of guns saving anyone's life on their website, just a lot of ads for weapons and accessories.

Now, I just happen to have, here on the desk, the December 2009 issue of American Rifleman. Trying to muscle my way past all those ads, with banners like "U.S. Supreme Court Revisits The Second Amendment" and "Reports From Afghanistan: Firearms On The Front Lines", I find "The Armed Citizen" right there on page 10.

I guess the Reality Distortion Field works on vision and print magazines as well as thought processes.

Oh, and about those crime stats, which "prove" how much more dangerous Phoenix is than New York, and it's all because of guns? Well, how about Boston, a city with strict gun control, vs. New York?

How about Chicago, another city with strict gun control, vs. New York?

Well, this isn't looking so well for the author...How about Washington, DC, home of the strictest gun ban in the nation, vs. New York?

Damn, facts suck, don't they?

This is health care "reform"?

Insurance premiums would jump as much as 13 percent for millions of Americans under a U.S. Senate proposal that is supposed to make health care more affordable, a nonpartisan report found.

The higher fees would be paid by the 14 million Americans who buy their own coverage and earn too much to get proposed subsidies, according to the report today from the Congressional Budget Office.

Oh, but wait. Costs will fall for 18 million with subsidized insurance.

Some pay more so that others pay less. Wait a minute--isn't that pretty much what we're doing now?

"This is your brain on political correctness"

At the Elm Tree Forge, the smith has some thoughts on political correctness and the costs associated with it.

The GOP Platform (product improved version)

Major Chuck fixes the current GOP platform.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Want to see a real maverick?

One of John McCain's claims to "fame" in the last Presidential election is that he was a maverick--meaning that he wasn't afraid to buck his party. Seeing as how the difference between his party (The Stupid Party) and the other party (The Evil Party) is approximately a bucket of warm spit at this point in history, that message failed to resonate amongst "little c" conservative voters, who saw through him in droves.

On the other hand, there are people like Jim DeMint from South Carolina. DeMint not only bucks his party, but much of the time espouses positions that conservatives, Constitutional Republicans and occasionally even "little l" libertarians can live with.

The GOP (Greatly Ossified Party) may not have gotten the message of the last 3 elections yet, but some folks have. Perhaps they always did and we're just now hearing from them. Either way, if they keep it up, those of us who believe in a highly limited Federal government that restricts itself to those duties spelled out in the Constitution may once again find ourselves at home under the Big Tent.