Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're all subject to the law

Good government activists are warning that the dropping of all charges against former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens and the tossing of his seven felony convictions could give U.S. prosecutors cold feet in going after other politicians who are suspected of crimes.

The "good government" activists in this case is Judicial Watch, an organization that usually has its collective head screwed on pretty straight. But in this case, they're looking at it from only one side.

He (Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch--FH) said the dismissal of corruption charges against Stevens, and the subsequent opening of an investigation into the prosecutors in the case, sends a signal to U.S. attorneys that "it's not worth it going after big-name politicians."

No, Tom, the message it sends is that prosecutors have to follow the law when they are prosecuting someone for a crime. You know, the law--it's that thing that, as officers of the court, that they have sworn to uphold?

Breaking the law in order to enforce it pretty much makes a mockery of the system. We're better than that. We should expect our public servants to be better than that. An yes, that includes Ted Stevens--if he's guilty, he should be thrown in prison. But we do it right--no short cuts.

Get your head screwed back on straight, Judicial Watch, before people start thinking you've chosen sides.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dancing in the blood of the victims

It's not just for the Brady Bunch any more...

Timothy Egan gets most of his facts wrong and bleeds all over his t-shirt for the "poor victims". It's a shame he doesn't bash the perpetrators of these acts as hard as he does the guns they used. I guess if they'd used steak knives to commit their crimes would he be all over it the same way.

20-20 is going to air yet another anti-gun hit piece tonight at 10 PM. I'm sure it will be fair and present the views of both sides in a manner respectful to all concerned. ("Sir, Could you please stand back? Monkeys may soon be flying out of my ass....")

Mix this sudden media assualt with La Pelosi's sudden willingness to compromise on regulating those mythical "assault weapons", the DoD's backdoor attempt to restrict ammunition availability by ending fired brass sales, National Parks Service opposition to concealed carry and a continuing line of lies about where Mexican criminals get their guns and it's unmistakable--the anti-freedom forces are on the move again. President Hopey-Changey has let them down on this subject, so they're going to handle it themselves.

Gear up gunnies, because it's going to get rough.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Rather than having a zillion "Look at what The Big O is up to now" posts, I'm going to consolidate them into a single post today. Links are from Drudge.

First off, buying votes for the next election, the New York Times reports that Obama wants "comprehensive immigration reform", including grants of citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. The theory (never voiced, but you know its there) is that those granted citizenship in the newly Third World United States will be so grateful that the O-Guy will be a shoo-in in 2012. That is, of course, if the country has enough money left to have an election.

In a valiant effort to avoid the phrases "Uh..." and "Um...", Omeister carefully stuck to the teleprompter at an event about mortgage refinancing and refused to answer questions about the on-going pirate problem off Somalia. It was either that, or he was trying to avoid speaking ill of the relatives.

The Obama White House says that all of us are seeing it wrong--there was no bow to the Saudi king. Spokesman Baghdad Bob, in his new gig as White House Bob, said that there was no bow, that it was just that Obama is really tall, and he didn't want to embarrass the king. Whata guy!

And that will have to be O-nough for today.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Watch this closely

Because I believe that we are going to see just what The Obama is made of.

Somali pirates on Wednesday hijacked a U.S.-flagged cargo ship with 20 American crew members aboard, FOX News has learned.

Of course, the way this week has went on the Obama World Appeasement Tour 2009, he'll probably bow and apologize to them.

(Edit, 1252: It looks like Obama gets his own bailout! The members of the crew went against all that we've been taught about being good little sheep and took matters into their own hands, capturing one pirate and throwing the rest overboard. (Well, maybe they didn't throw them overboard, but we can wish. I just wish the ship had a yardarm so that the traditional punishment for piracy could be administered.) The Obama doesn't have to actually make a decision!

But here's some sad stuff:

"All the crew members are trained in security detail in how to deal with piracy," Maersk CEO John Reinhart told reporters. "As merchant vessels we do not carry arms. We have ways to push back, but we do not carry arms."

Now juxtapose that with this statement later on attributed to
John Harris, CEO of HollowPoint Security Services.

"Naval vessels ... can't be everywhere at one time, just like law enforcement," he said, noting that the U.S. Navy has been protecting the most vulnerable shipping lanes in the Indian Ocean.

Sort of sounds like why we have concealed carry here on land, now doesn't it?)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oh look! The other side wants to have a party too!

(Via Simon Jester)

Yes, from the Hope and Change crowd, it's A New Way Forward!

Right off the cliff.

If you need a reason to carry concealed

(Via Say Uncle)

It's because if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in one of those "active shooter mass murder-athons", you're facing " of the easiest man-with-gun encounters they will ever have...”. Read the whole thing--it confirms much of what we have suspected about these cowardly critters.

Damn, another book I need to read

John Walker has a short review of Mark Levine's new book, Liberty and Tyranny, which is currently the #1 bestseller on (and is apparently so popular it takes 1-3 weeks just to ship).

Of course, I've heard about the book (the buzz is hard to miss), but it kind of got an "uh-huh" from me. I'm not a fan of this sort of book, even when I tend to agree with it. However, from the sound of it, I'm going to have to obtain a copy.

Google is the new Microsoft

It seems that since Microsoft has been taken down a notch, the vultures need new targets to pursue. Wired reports that as far as the (dis)Associated Press is concerned, that target would likely be Google.

It seems that the concept of fair use is going to be under increasing attack as the traditional media's revenue slips and then slips some more. The sad part is that they never seem to figure out why the revenue is slipping in the first place. Pulling up the Google News page, I see no advertising or other obvious way that Google is making any money off of the content. Instead, they are actually driving content to those sites, most of whom do make money off of advertising. (I do understand that this serves to enhance the Google brand, but good grief, how far must we stretch?)

Another theing that will be interesting to watch.

The bacon hangover cure

Breda, this one is for you...

It's official: The classic post-bender bacon sarnie really does help cure your hangover, thanks to the dual chemical benefits of the bread/sliced pig combination.

And in the bonus round:

In fact, so lovely are these aromas that Elin concluded he'd known "three vegetarians who have been broken by the smell of bacon.”

Monday, April 06, 2009

What can you say?

Why does the U.S. Senate harp on budget deficits as “generational theft”, and then refuses to address global climate change?

This is the question asked by Cliff Mason at CNBC. Well Cliff, let me try to address that for you.

Yes, the climate is changing. The climate has always changed. It's nothing new. What was once forest is now desert, what was once dry is not wet. It's a natural cycle of events that happens over geologic epochs.

Evidence that any of the current changes are due to the activities of man are, at best, sketchy. As a matter of fact, there is much discussion that climate change, no matter what the cause, isn't even a crisis. Falling prey to the "We gotta do something!" make me feel better hysteria will probably have no effect on climate change, but will have a drastic effect on living standards world-wide, with the poorest among us suffering the most.

Such is the way of the world.

The actions of our political "leaders" are different. In our name, these fools are borrowing by the hundreds of billions and creating money by the trillions. Given our Gross Domestic Product, there is no conceivable way we can ever repay these debts. Having seen what happens when this much money is created from thin air, we know how it will end. Nothing has changed in economics that gives us any hope of a different outcome.

Such is the way of economics.

See the difference?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Some good news in a down economy

The State of North Carolina's attempts to buy up land via "land trusts" are falling on hard times because of the poor economy. See, there sometimes is a silver lining!

Is anyone surprised?

(Via the Drudge Report)

North Korea defied international warnings and sent a rocket hurtling over the Pacific on Sunday, a launch President Barack Obama called an illicit test of the regime's long-range missile technology that threatened the security of nations "near and far."

Is anyone truly surprised that North Korea "defied international warnings"? After all, they have made a cottage industry of that for decades, primarily because no one calls them on their bad behavior. I have no doubt that his has historically been because they didn't want to antagonize their "Big Bro China" and perhaps restart the Korean "Conflict", but is now complicated by the US's position of reliance on Chinese money and the North Korean's possession of (at least semi-functional) nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

(Parenthetically, is anyone surprised that Mr. Obama apparently doesn't understand the definition of "illicit"? For crying out loud, the story referenced above has a picture of a South Korean soldier watching video of the launch. How is this test illicit, O Enlightened O-Being?)

We can also wonder if we should even be so publicly worried about the North Koreans at all. By doing so, we grant them influence that is completely out of proportion with their actual capabilities. We also ignore the fact that their use of these capabilities against one of their "enemies" would be a perfectly legitimate excuse to wipe their bitty country off the planet once and for all. They know this, and I don't think that their leadership is suicidal. They're more into playing us like a violin.

We should all be increasing wary of the demonization of anyone, any country, any system or any thing at all by our governments at this point. With the current global slide still in progress (don't allow the markets to fool you; Google the phrase "bear market rally" for further information), the Powers That Be are desperate to channel our attention into other areas. While the War on Terrorism had (at least) some grounding in reality, the new War on Capitalism has the distinct smell of "opiate of the masses" to me. It's an old, old strategy, used by tyrants and would-be tyrants since time immemorial. A War on Illicit Missile Tests or a War on Countries That We Don't Approve Of With The Bomb is an even more obvious ploy.

Don't fall for it.